Viewer Email: 290 HOV Lane Violation
November 3, 2011

Q:  Jennifer,

I wonder if there are any plans to install a physical barrier (maybe something like the tall, flexible plastic rods used on the Sam Houston Tollway) between the new HOV lanes in the vicinity of Huffmeister and 1960?

I’ve had several vehicles jump from the stopped main lanes into the HOV lane since the new lanes opened and as a result I normally go 40-45mph in the HOV land through that section to give myself more time to react in case someone pulls into the HOV lane unexpectedly.


Buzz S.

A:  Hi Buzz,

I asked Metro and here’s their response:

We understand the safety concerns raised as they are a top priority for our team. In response, last month we dedicated a few MetroPD officers to this particular stretch of 290 and have seen a significant drop in drivers violating the double white line. Also, in the next couple of weeks, TxDOT will finish installing white metal traffic bumps as a reminder to motorists to stay in their lane and not violate the HOV diamond lane. -METRO

Viewer Email: 290 HOV
October 28, 2011

Q: Do you know of any reason why the 290 HOV lanes are the only ones that have a three person rule? Just curious…

Jenny D.

A: The occupancy requirement for the 290 diamond lanes is 2+ at all times (this is the non-barrier separated portion). The barrier separated HOV lane is 2+ most of the time, except during morning rush hours (6:45 a.m. – 8a.m.).  The 3+ requirement for the barrier separated HOV has been in place since 1999 due to the level of traffic on this corridor. We continue to monitor the volume of traffic but please note that per the Federal Transit Administration, we are required to maintain traffic flow at 45 mph or higher. – METRO