America’s Got Talent: Barbara Padilla
August 12, 2011

It looks like it was meant to be! Stardom for Barbara Padilla.

You may recognize her from America’s Got Talent or from seeing her on Local 2. She’s got one inspirational story which starts with her amazing vocal talent and continues with her message of triumph. It all began in college when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph tissue. She was treated, but doctors thought she would never sing again because of the radiation’s damage to her vocal cords. Thankfully for her and for all of us, her incredible voice was untouched. Eleven years later she remains cancer free and…

The lovely and talented Soprano, Barbara Padilla and Jennifer.

After fighting cancer, maintaining hope and giving America’s Got Talent a shot…she’s excited to announce her upcoming album, Viviendo. (Spanish for “living” – so appropriate for her spirit.) She sings in four languages on the album: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English!

On a more personal note: For any of you who have lost a loved one in your life…take the time to listen to Barbara’s rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s, Time to Say Goodbye.  She sings it with such passion. I love this song so much!  It makes me think of my mom who passed away just 6 months ago.