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Medical Center: Construction
October 4, 2010

Aeriel view of Houston Medical Center

The intersection of Bates & Fannin streets and Texas Children’s Hospital entrance 10 will be closed beginning Saturday through next March to make way for construction of a new oval sky bridge. This “miracle bridge” will connect Texas Children’s Hospital patient facilities with the new maternity building under construction to provide a safe and convenient passageway across busy Fannin Street. [FANNIN WILL NOT BE CLOSED, JUST A TURN LANE TO BATES]

Please see the advisory below and attached. Patient families and visitors of Texas Children’s are advised to check the web site at for updates. All parking garages remain open.

Texas Children's Sky Bridge

Viewer Mail: Med Center Delays
July 1, 2009

AY_TRAFFIC_med center

A: METRO doesn’t give a concrete answer for traffic relief…

There was a derailment about 2 weeks ago during a training run. There is an investigation into the cause and until that is complete, Metro says…”to expect delays.” They are aware that the northbound train is moving 10mph and the southbound train is moving 5mph between Fannin-Braeswood and Greenbriar-Braeswood. [No estimate as to when the investigation will wrap up]