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Pie Lady: Feature Story
July 7, 2010

I have gotten a lot of emails asking about my PIE LADY story that aired on Monday evening. It is scheduled to air again this coming Saturday, July 10th, during the 7:30AM half-hour show, if you’d like to see it. Plus, it’s on In the meantime, here’s more about my shoot:

I had the pleasure of meeting Helen Smith, a kindhearted woman well-known in Baytown for her baking. She’s completely mastered the art of making all types of homemade pies. My favorite was banana-blueberry, which I had never tried before this shoot. And a close second, was her fudge pecan – perfection! The name of her book is called, Helen’s Cookbook, A Collection of Famous Old Fashioned Recipes. Don’t bother looking for the it on Amazon or Google, though. I didn’t find it there. But, I can tell you that it was printed by Morris Press Cookbooks: . Now, if you would like to reach Helen Smith, please email her at

Helen Smith - "The Pie Lady" and Jennifer

James Perry (KPRC), Helen Smith, Jennifer