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TEAM TIARA Tackles Breast Cancer
January 21, 2010

We are still a world fighting breast cancer. Meet Team Tiara, a group of 44 women (as of today) who find every way possible to raise funds in order to increase breast cancer research. I had the chance to meet five of them…five lovely ladies and a 3X cancer survivor! I’ll never forget them.

Five Members of Team Tiara (Fairfield; Cypress, Texas)

This group formed in 2006 and raised $6,600 their first year. Four years later with the help of their friends, family, church and complete strangers…they’ve raised over $270,000! Their goal is to raise another $250,000 and to recruit at least 60 more “walkers.” If you are interested in joining their cause head to .

Wendel, KPRC Photographer and I getting the scoop on the flamingos from D'Lyn Biggs, Team Tiara Captain.

According to Susan G Komen for the Cure, Factsheet (2009), a woman dies every 68 seconds from breast cancer. That is unbelievable! Speaking of unbelievable…I met Kathy Archer, a 3X cancer SURVIVOR. She is currently cancer free but had to battle breast cancer twice! I felt her strength. She was extremely calm and quite happy, too. She spends time with her grandchildren, quilting…teaching them the importance of giving and the importance of quality time with family. I wish her a continued cancer-free life.

Jen, Sami (granddaughter), Kathy Archer (3X cancer survivor)

If you or someone you know quilts…Team Tiara needs your help. They are trying to collect 25 quilts in total by March 21st so that a quilt calendar can be printed and sold by Mother’s Day. Proceeds will go to research, of course.

Quilts for the quilt calendar. Money raised goes to breast cancer research.

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