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Closure: Washburn Tunnel
January 19, 2012

Tonight: Thursday Jan. 19, the Washburn Tunnel will be closed from 10 p.m. – 4 a.m. for minor maintenance. Use 610 or the East Beltway.

First Playoffs For The Texans
January 9, 2012

La Porte Ladies: Playoff Party

Chef Joey and Sharon from Kroger

Father and Son,Texan Spirit!

Tailgating in the Yellow Lot: Texans Playoffs

"BEAT the Bengals!!"

Out of The Office
October 16, 2011


I’m out of the office for a bit; please look for traffic updates on Twitter at LOCAL2TRAFFIC. There you will find major updates including accident and stall information for your morning drive.

Thanks so much for watching Local 2!

Friday Football Frenzy: Week 3
September 29, 2011

Talk about fun!! Friday Football Frenzy was a blast at Cy Falls High School … they were great hosts! The kids had a great time showing me, “The Rollercoaster.” Hope you caught it live during the morning show because it looked neat in sync. Enjoy the photos below.

Experiencing the "Rollercoaster." How fun!!

"Rollercoaster" with The Mob

A few football players came in bright and early. Keep in mind, it’s a long day for these students. They arrived at school around 5:30am and then had to face the challenging team later that night for a football game. It really showed their effort and team spirit!

Uggg, my Heisman needs work.


Getting loud with the Cy Falls Band.

It can get very loud in a gym with 400 rowdy students and a rockin’ band…hearing is a challenge and usually I’m going hoarse by the end of the morning, too. LOL

Cy Falls Cheerleaders and Mascot in action.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Cy Falls Principal, Becky Denton and Associate Principal, Liz Wood – both were very involved and well-liked by the students. Becky was super helpful in coordinating the shots with me throughout the morning. Thank goodness she mentioned the “Rollercoaster!” That was memorable. She also explained the reasoning behind #30 which is on the back of The Mob shirts (recent passing of a student)…which gave me a deeply touching story to share with our viewers. Passion was evident at Cy Falls, that’s for sure.

Jen and Principal, Becky Denton.

We Can Make a Difference: Please Recycle
September 25, 2011

Recycling electronics keeps potentially harmful materials out of the waste stream and the environment.  The Solid Waste Management Department and CompuCycle are urging Houstonians to take advantage of this new program by recycling their PCs, servers, keyboards, mice, laptops, game consoles, monitors, small kitchen appliances, and other electronics-related items.

The City of Houston is adding a permanent electronics recycling drop-off site (CompuCycle located at 7700 Kempwood ) for Houstonians to recycle their electronics responsibly. This partnership with Compucycle also provides monthly one day collection events on Saturdays at three City of Houston recycling centers beginning October 8th:

* Kingwood Metro Transit Center (1st Sat.)

* Ellington/Clear Lake Neighborhood Recycling Center (2nd Sat.)

* Center Street Recycling Center (3rd Sat.).

Friday Football Frenzy: Week 2
September 15, 2011

(Last Week, Sept 8th) I was once again called for duty to cover our wildly popular…Friday Football Frenzy! The game of the week was Klein vs. Kingwood. Klein defeated Kingwood, 34-13. Seems like an early wake-up call for our Frenzy didn’t shake Klein a bit. Way to go!

Klein cheerleaders, along with "Boomer the Bearkat..." and Jen!

Drum weighs about 45 lbs!

What is a football game without the music?!

Jen playing the cymbals.

By the way, a big thanks to The Booster Club for the care package I was sent home with. A shirt, hat, drinking glass, flashlight, pencil–ya know all of the goodies. What a treat. My favorite, the “arm sleeves” you see me wearing in this last picture. Keeping warm!

Stand leaders giving the Bearkat claw.

Friday Football Frenzy
September 8, 2011

Last Friday, Sept 2nd, I was assigned to cover our Friday Football Frenzy, “Game of the Week.” A sweet assignment!

While out at the schools, I get to meet a ton of the students, faculty and parents who help make the game nights…feel less like a game and more like an experience. Our goal is to highlight some of the unrecognized students who bring spirit and energy to the scene: the band, drill teams, stand leaders, cheerleaders, cheer/dance crews, mascots and more!

It was Kempner vs. Pearland…and goodness did Kempner ‘bring it’ in spirit for Local 2 that Friday morning! There had to have been 300 students by 6:30am. A big THANK YOU to all who helped make our Frenzy, memorable.

Jen and the Kempner HS Cougar Band

Cougar design painted by a former student.

Jen and the Kempner Cougar Brigade Dance Team

Some of the Kempner HS football players.

Black and White TV 😀

America’s Got Talent: Barbara Padilla
August 12, 2011

It looks like it was meant to be! Stardom for Barbara Padilla.

You may recognize her from America’s Got Talent or from seeing her on Local 2. She’s got one inspirational story which starts with her amazing vocal talent and continues with her message of triumph. It all began in college when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph tissue. She was treated, but doctors thought she would never sing again because of the radiation’s damage to her vocal cords. Thankfully for her and for all of us, her incredible voice was untouched. Eleven years later she remains cancer free and…

The lovely and talented Soprano, Barbara Padilla and Jennifer.

After fighting cancer, maintaining hope and giving America’s Got Talent a shot…she’s excited to announce her upcoming album, Viviendo. (Spanish for “living” – so appropriate for her spirit.) She sings in four languages on the album: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English!

On a more personal note: For any of you who have lost a loved one in your life…take the time to listen to Barbara’s rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s, Time to Say Goodbye.  She sings it with such passion. I love this song so much!  It makes me think of my mom who passed away just 6 months ago.

Helpful Numbers
September 10, 2010

Here are a couple of numbers you may want to store in your cell phones. The INCIDENT number is to report anything on the highways such as accidents, stalls and/or debris. The second number listed is to report SMOKING VEHICLES. Help keep our community clean for future generations by reporting those who need to be notified for driving a car that pollutes.

Report Incidents (TxDOT): 713.222.7328

Smoking Vehicles: 1.800.453.SMOG (7664)

HPD (Non-Emergency): 713.884.3131

Pie Lady: Feature Story
July 7, 2010

I have gotten a lot of emails asking about my PIE LADY story that aired on Monday evening. It is scheduled to air again this coming Saturday, July 10th, during the 7:30AM half-hour show, if you’d like to see it. Plus, it’s on In the meantime, here’s more about my shoot:

I had the pleasure of meeting Helen Smith, a kindhearted woman well-known in Baytown for her baking. She’s completely mastered the art of making all types of homemade pies. My favorite was banana-blueberry, which I had never tried before this shoot. And a close second, was her fudge pecan – perfection! The name of her book is called, Helen’s Cookbook, A Collection of Famous Old Fashioned Recipes. Don’t bother looking for the it on Amazon or Google, though. I didn’t find it there. But, I can tell you that it was printed by Morris Press Cookbooks: . Now, if you would like to reach Helen Smith, please email her at

Helen Smith - "The Pie Lady" and Jennifer

James Perry (KPRC), Helen Smith, Jennifer

Zoo: 2010 Spring Break
March 1, 2010

Are you heading to the Houston Zoo during SPRING BREAK? (March 12-March 21)

Each year, the Houston Zoo experiences high attendance, averaging 8,000 or more guests each day. As you can imagine, that level of attendance brings with it increased traffic and increased demand for parking in Hermann Park. There’s obviously not 8,000 parking spaces in the area. So, we have a suggestion to help the flow of traffic.


* Carpool: Meet at one house and pack your car full of friends.

* Consider being dropped off and picked up.

* Ride METRO’s bus system or METRORail to Hermann Park.

Find More information:  Information will also be posted on the Houston Parks and Recreation Department Web site at

Up ... close.

Once you get past the parking/transportation situation – it’s ALL fun! Just check out how close I was to the 15 foot giraffes. They are incredibly friendly and docile.

Giraffe kiss! (Only under zoo keeper supervision.)

I didn’t think twice about getting even closer! If you are interested, take a look at the Houston Zoo’s website or Michael’s blog which gives more information on how to go behind the scenes with the tallest mammals on Earth.

Michael Reina helped the Channel 2 crew get around the Houston Zoo.

Michael’s blog has a more detailed version of the day…his view point and other pictures from the day as well:

After feeding the giraffes, it was time for work.

I couldn’t play forever though. I had a story to turn. After taking pictures with our tour guide, zoo keepers, photographers and the giraffes…it was time to interview, Kim Siegl, a Hoofstock Keeper. She said working at the zoo was a dream job. The toughest element was having to deal with the weather changes-as Houston can go from sweltering hot to bitterly cold. And a lot of the time they have to be out with the giraffes.

Questions, questions and more questions.

My visit wouldn’t have been complete without dropping by the newly renovated jaguar exhibit. Angie Pyle, the senior carnivore keeper says that one of the most popular questions she gets asked is about Kam Balam, one of the cats. He hops along because of an old injury. In another facility, Kam Balam put his paw in another jaguar’s cage and it was taken off. This was years ago and they say he’s adapted just fine.

Inside the re-designed Jaguar Exhibit.

FREE Legal Advice for Veterans
February 19, 2010

The Houston Bar Association (HBA) will hold a free legal advice clinic for all Greater Houston area veterans on Saturday, February 20, 2010, from 9:00 a.m. until noon, at American Legion Post 490, located at 11702 Old Galveston Rd., Houston, TX 77034, across from the main entrance to Ellington Field Air Force Base. No appointment is necessary.

Volunteer attorneys will provide legal advice on issues including family law, wills and probate, consumer issues, landlord/tenant law, worker’s compensation, tax issues, bankruptcy, and veterans’ benefits and disability claims. Any veteran or spouse of a deceased veteran can receive legal advice and counsel. Veterans who need further legal representation and meet the eligibility requirements for the HBA’s Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program will be assigned to a pro bono attorney. The guidelines have been adjusted for veterans so that they may have income up to 300 percent above the poverty level and still qualify for services.

Saturday, Feb 20th 9am-noon; Veterans receive FREE legal advice!

American Legion Post, South Houston

Staying Fit w/Rock Climbing
February 11, 2010

It was nine o’clock in the morning and I was done with the first half of my day…reporting traffic. It was off to a place called Outdoor Escape, a company which builds rock climbing walls. The sport is helping kids stay in shape by giving them an alternative to “regular” sports; ya know, football, basketball, baseball, etc.

JT and Jen deciding on what to shoot next.

I toured the small facility…looking at steel laid on its side, welding going on which would soon be sprayed with cement, stained, delivered to schools, private gyms or whoever wants to pay $15,000-$115,000 for a wall.

Outdoor Escape-Reese W., Steven G. and Jen

Come to find out, you can rent a wall. Use it for a fundraiser, outdoor activity, etc. After touring Outdoor Escape, my photographer and I went to Westbury High School b/c they are one of four schools in HISD to have a wall up. An ROTC class of children walked in. They started strapping on harnesses, talking to us on camera and doing what kids do in gym…watching their peers and cheering them on.

Time to let go of the rope...(Westbury High School)

After hearing about the fitness part of rock climbing, I had to give it a GO. After all, the students were wondering if I was going to join them. So, a quick change of clothes and I was ready to grab onto the first hold.

Reaching for the top! (20 foot rock climbing wall)

I can see how the kids stay fit and have fun! Pulling your own body weight up and hugging the rock takes strength. You can see the full story below:

TEAM TIARA Tackles Breast Cancer
January 21, 2010

We are still a world fighting breast cancer. Meet Team Tiara, a group of 44 women (as of today) who find every way possible to raise funds in order to increase breast cancer research. I had the chance to meet five of them…five lovely ladies and a 3X cancer survivor! I’ll never forget them.

Five Members of Team Tiara (Fairfield; Cypress, Texas)

This group formed in 2006 and raised $6,600 their first year. Four years later with the help of their friends, family, church and complete strangers…they’ve raised over $270,000! Their goal is to raise another $250,000 and to recruit at least 60 more “walkers.” If you are interested in joining their cause head to .

Wendel, KPRC Photographer and I getting the scoop on the flamingos from D'Lyn Biggs, Team Tiara Captain.

According to Susan G Komen for the Cure, Factsheet (2009), a woman dies every 68 seconds from breast cancer. That is unbelievable! Speaking of unbelievable…I met Kathy Archer, a 3X cancer SURVIVOR. She is currently cancer free but had to battle breast cancer twice! I felt her strength. She was extremely calm and quite happy, too. She spends time with her grandchildren, quilting…teaching them the importance of giving and the importance of quality time with family. I wish her a continued cancer-free life.

Jen, Sami (granddaughter), Kathy Archer (3X cancer survivor)

If you or someone you know quilts…Team Tiara needs your help. They are trying to collect 25 quilts in total by March 21st so that a quilt calendar can be printed and sold by Mother’s Day. Proceeds will go to research, of course.

Quilts for the quilt calendar. Money raised goes to breast cancer research.

Here’s the story:

East Early College HS
December 2, 2009

If you are a parent…wondering how you’ll afford for your child to go to college, this story is for you. It’s an opportunity that could change your child’s future.

[One correction to the piece, John Castillo is Leonel’s brother-in-law]

A ribbon-cutting ceremony in the East End of Houston(2nd Ward) was held to congratulate those who dedicated their time and effort toward this special campus.