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Jen Surprises Ryan @ 104 KRBE
April 11, 2009

Ryan…from The Roula and Ryan Morning Show on 104 KRBE had no idea Friday morning that I would be walking into the studio. All he knew is that it was his birthday and that there was a surprise. Roula did a nice job keeping the secret from him;not even indicating that “it” was a person.

I walked into the studio at 9:30am with this cake in my hands, smiling…as we all said, “Happy Birthday.” I’m just hoping that on Monday morning, they dont throw me under the buss. 🙂

Tune in, email me; let me know.


Ryan and Jen posing with the cake. Thanks for the tasty slice of dessert, Ryan.


Eric Rowe (KRBE producer), Roula, Jen and Ryan


Jen “calling Ryan out” on all of his comments bashing my wardrobe. 🙂


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