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Sharathon Success!
July 1, 2011

As many of you already know, I report traffic on 89.3 KSBJ in addition to Local 2.  Every year, a very special event comes around whereby listeners and generous donors help to meet the station’s financial goals. This three-day fund-raising event is called Sharathon which I’ve been a part of – ever since I started with the team back in 2008. The goals ensure the continuation of the ministry and all that it offers for the next year. Great news…goals were met, so a huge thanks to those who helped guarantee that lives would be positively affected. To donate anytime throughout the year:

Jen and Susan, KSBJ Sharathon 2011

Jen and Pam, KSBJ Sharathon 2011

Susan, Britt, Sara, Jennifer and Tamara

NGEN, Sharathon 2011

Lunch w/Mike & Susan From KSBJ
December 16, 2009

Here’s something to be proud of…in 6-7 months, Mike has dropped around 38lbs! One day we were talking in between commercial breaks and he just said, “Hey Jen, I’m going to drop some weight. Yeah, I’m shooting for 2 lbs a week.”

He made it sound so easy and I could just hear the confidence in his voice. It was very ‘matter of fact’ like. And from that day forward, he didn’t look back. Weight watcher points was part of the secret and the other might have been the fact that he mentioned it on-air to thousands of people. Uh-oh, accountability on the line! He would update me every 2 weeks or so; never heard him frustrated even if he hadn’t lost any weight that week.

After a few months, I told him that I wouldn’t be able to recognize him, haha. So, we scheduled lunch in celebration of over 30 lbs that he’s shed. WAY TO GO, BUDDY!

Mike's BEFORE picture during Open House, May '09. (KSBJ Studio)

Yes, it was planned – We were excited to take a BEFORE AND AFTER picture and tried to get the photos to look as similar as possible; nice job, right?

Mike's AFTER picture, Dec. '09...38lbs lighter! (KSBJ Studio)

All of us after lunch at Pappasitos. (Susan, Jen, Mike)

Golfing For Charity
July 19, 2009

Follow up posting to the entry: Jen To Attend Golf Tournament

I had a great time last week out at The Blackhorse Golf Course for the Sports Radio 610 Golf Classic.  I enjoyed the heat, but forgot SPF…so I was trying to catch as much shade as possible. It was all for a nice cause…to raise money for a children’s charity called The First Tee Of Houston. If you have a little one, take a quick glance at the link posted on previous posting to see if its something that could help your friends and family.

brian brian jen joey rene_blackhorse golf

Jen’s Team: Brian, “Coach” Brian from Cleveland, Texas, Joey and Rene.We did get a traffic warning for driving on the green.

joel drex jen jonathon _blackhorse golf sm

Ran into some friends: Joel, Clyde Drexler, Jeff  and Jonathon

jen adam_blackhorse golf

Here we are under the shade of the clubhouse…We had just finished a live segment and then Adam Clanton began reading material for the Sports Radio 610 break. He’s concentrating, isn’t he?

adam and jen_blackhorse golf sm

Adam Clanton and me. Hurry…smile…”click”…then Jonathon, the intern carted me over to the golf game that was already in progress.

bird blackhorse golf

Rene spotted this hawk which had just descended from the tree. It captured a “birdie.”

bird feather blackhorse golf


FACEBOOK: jennifer.reyna
Thanks everyone for the observant and funny comments made on my Facebook page. I was really surprised that you all could even SEE the type of shoes that I was wearing! 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your thoughts….

Sports Radio 610: On Air This Wednesday
July 14, 2009

It is Adam Clanton’s, Ladies Of Local 2 Week

I will be joining AC on his show tomorrow for another “J Rey Day” at 9:30am until I have to hit the golf course for the Sports Radio 610 Golf Tournament to help raise money for a children’s charity.


Jen To Attend Golf Tournament
July 14, 2009

It’s time for the Sports Radio 610 All Star Golf Classic! Proceeds are going to The First Tee of Houston.  They are “dedicated to impacting the lives of young people in the Greater Houston area by providing learning facilities and educational programs that promote character-development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf.” Children ages 7-18 years old are provided with equipment and lessons are free. For more information on how the organization helps our youth :

When: Wednesday, July 15th at 10am

Where: BlackHorse Golf Club

Who: I will attend, along with others you might recognize….

Houston Texans
Eric Winston

Former Astro
Shane Reynolds

KSBJ Open House
May 27, 2009

This was earlier today…more pictures to come.

ksbj open house

Morning Team on KSBJ with Mike, Jen and Susan


ksbj open house_brittany and jen

Brittany Whatley (KSBJ Staff) and Jen. LOVE HER!
She took most of the pictures that you see.


Francesca Battistelli in concert

ksbj open house_signing

Signing autographs for such nice listeners!

Jen Will Attend KSBJ Open House
May 20, 2009

(From KSBJ Website) open house

As you may have heard, KSBJ has been under-construction since January 2009 with 1st floor renovations and the build-out of the 2nd floor. At 90% completion, we are excited to see the installation of the elevator and delivery of our furniture right around the corner. To celebrate the completion of our expansion, KSBJ is inviting our listeners to an Open House on Tuesday, May 26 from 9 a.m. – noon to be held at 1722 Treble Dr., Humble, TX 77338. To read more head to:

Believe it or not – I’ve never seen the studio, despite the fact that I work for KSBJ. Next Tuesday (after the holiday wkend), I’ll be dropping by around 9am to spend the morning there. By the way, if you plan on attending…there’s an RSVP link that you’ll need to go to. I look forward to seeing you. -Jen

Jen Surprises Ryan @ 104 KRBE
April 11, 2009

Ryan…from The Roula and Ryan Morning Show on 104 KRBE had no idea Friday morning that I would be walking into the studio. All he knew is that it was his birthday and that there was a surprise. Roula did a nice job keeping the secret from him;not even indicating that “it” was a person.

I walked into the studio at 9:30am with this cake in my hands, smiling…as we all said, “Happy Birthday.” I’m just hoping that on Monday morning, they dont throw me under the buss. 🙂

Tune in, email me; let me know.


Ryan and Jen posing with the cake. Thanks for the tasty slice of dessert, Ryan.


Eric Rowe (KRBE producer), Roula, Jen and Ryan


Jen “calling Ryan out” on all of his comments bashing my wardrobe. 🙂


104 KRBE website:

Sports Radio 610
February 10, 2009

Tuesday, Feb. 17th, I will be visiting with Adam Clanton on Sports Radio 610 from 10-11am.  Tune in to hear what I am going to give Adam a hard time about…

KSBJ (89.3FM)-Jen returns to radio
December 20, 2008


It’s been a little over a month now, since I stepped back  into radio. I get to work with Mike and Susan on their morning show at 89.3FM, KSBJ.


Mike and Susan are SO fun to work with, but I don’t get to see them. They’re broadcasting from Humble, Texas in their KSBJ studios and I’m working from the KPRC building in Southwest Houston. Technology brings us all together though; I talk with them on-air using a mic that’s set up in an audio room close to my office. 

It took me a few days to adjust to the schedule. It can get really hectic now! I had to create a new work pace for my time deadlines. Instead of having about 7 minutes between reports, I now only have about 3 minutes to be accurate, versed and prepared for reports that are constantly changing. I also have to be flexible between tv and radio because the verbage is somewhat different. One minute I am talking to viewers who can see maps; the next I am speaking to people who are driving in their cars who have no visuals. 

There’s more leeway for conversation between Mike, Susan and I, too. That’s always interesting. Susan asked me the other day if I had mailed out my Christmas cards…Mike, in the past, has asked me about the traffic cameras and what all I can see…we’ll joke about the news too- light and funny for the ride to work. 

Well, here’s the link to their website; I just went through it. Feels like a breeze to browse through. Plus, they have a “search for lyrics” section…bios that you can read…songs playing now and more.

So keep in mind that after watching KPRC Local 2 in the mornings, you can continue to stay up-to-date with traffic by listening to 89.3 FM, KSBJ. I begin reporting traffic on radio at 5:30AM through 8:45AM, every 15 minutes on the quarter hour.

December 7, 2008

 I stopped by THE FRONT PAGE with Fred Faour and Matt Dean last Sunday (11/30/08). We talked about College Football…of course, I was a little disappointed because I had a feeling that the BCS would push OU above UT. And… they did. Since OU and the Gators won their games today….they’ll most likely be playing each other for the National Championship title.  Here are some pictures from my visit to ESPN-Hou.


Will (Fred’s son), Fred, Jen and Matt in the studio for a snap shot.



Jong Lee is the Producer/Board Operator for ESPN 97.5 FM “The Ticket.”


Matt is looking across at Fred.

If you haven’t tuned into their sports show…they are on 97.5 FM ESPN from 8am-noon on Sundays. Here’s their link.

Put Up Your Dukes
November 8, 2008

A few weeks ago, you may have heard me on the “Put Up Your Dukes with Carl Dukes” show on ESPN radio. I surprised Carl and his board-op Matt, by waltzing into their studio one afternoon (October 22nd).  Julie, their Assistant Program Director set the whole visit up and it worked out perfectly. We talked about the NFL’s crack down on dirty play.

The debate?…Well, the NFL commissioner has stepped up fines for unnecessary roughness to make the game as safe as possible. While a lot of people agree that there is a clear need to curb some of the more dangerous hits in football, fans also want to keep the integrity of the game. Some dont want the guys to let up…they think that tackling and roughness is part of the fun of watching football.

Carl Dukes and Jen
Carl Dukes and Jen

I’m no expert, but I chimed in. Then I answered some other random questions that Carl asked, like what time do I get up and what about makeup? I’ll be dropping in again, hopefully before the year is over. So, stay tuned to 97.5FM, 3pm-5pm.

Article regarding the debate:

Link to Carl Duke’s site:

John and Lance, 1560 AM
January 8, 2008


What a treat! I was invited to hang out with John and Lance from 1560 AM, The Game. The guys are on from 7-11am and bring quite a bit of variety. There’s a good possibility that you have listened to them for your sports entertainment and information, as they are very well established here in Houston.

Last Thursday(1/10), I drove over to the station for the official meet-and-greet. John and Lance were professional, friendly and easy-going. If you missed us, warp back into time by listening to the archived podcast (

Thanks guys…for the laughs. I look forward to our next encounter.