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Co-Anchoring Morning Show
December 23, 2010

I’ve been on vacation this week, but look forward to returning tomorrow (Christmas Eve) to bring you the news. I’ll be co-anchoring the morning show with Iain Page from 5AM-7AM and then doing the midday show at 11AM with Joel Eisenbaum. (12/24/10)

We are off Christmas morning and then I’ll see you again Sunday (12/26/10) morning 6AM-8AM. 

From The Reyna Family and from The KPRC Bunch…here’s to wishing you and your family the healthiest and happiest Christmas, Holiday Season and New Year!


Join Us: Nov. 6 & 7
November 5, 2010


Cold weekend mornings ahead…Join me as I anchor the morning shows (6-8am) this weekend with Mary Lee. I’ll keep you informed and Mary will let you know when it’s warm enough to start your day.

Here are some pictures from the last time I anchored the show with Mary.

Mary Lee and Jennifer Reyna: Good times!

Fun moment in the control room.

At the desk. (8/2010)

Back-To-School: Traffic Tips (Thursday)
August 19, 2010

As we all know, not every child gets to school via a car. Some walk and others ride a bike. Please be mindful of small children riding to school because as Houstonians…we just aren’t used to bike riders for the most part. Now if your child is a rider, be sure to talk with them about the safety of riding and send them off with a helmet.

A: Children can take their bikes to local fire stations to get a safety check for brakes, tire pressure or basic maintenance.

A: Bicycles have the same rights as cars, but the law encourages bikers to ride in the right lane and merge with traffic when making a turn.

Back To School: Traffic Tips (Wednesday)
August 18, 2010

Today’s question about cell phone usage was a popular one and one that took SEVERAL calls to get REAL clarity on. Please know that the following questions and answers are merely to inform you and not to promote driving while talking on a cell phone. For the safety of children and for the safety of yourself, you should always make the safest decision possible at all times.

A: According to HPD & HISD Police, they are not ticketing because signs are not up yet. But in the city of Bellaire where “No Cell Phone Usage” signs are up, they say that the law is in affect with the active school day. Example: On a Saturday, if you were talking on your cell phone in the City of Bellaire, their police would not ticket you.

A: HISD police officers may arrest people who disobey the law and issue citations both on and off campus within their jurisdiction. (They are commissioned by the State of Texas.)

Tune in tomorrow for another round of Back-To-School Safety Questions!

Back To School: Traffic Tips (Tuesday)
August 16, 2010

Tuesday’s Questions: Tune in between 5am-7am as we answer back-to-school traffic questions! We’ll have more throughout the week, preparing you and your family for the 2010 school year.

A: According to Texas law , drivers are prohibited from using a wireless device within a reduced-speed school zone. Cellular phones may be used while the vehicle is stopped in a school zone or with a hands-free device. Wireless devices may be used to make emergency calls to specific organizations, such as police, fire and emergency medical services. The law also applies to bus drivers. Violators are subject to a fine of up to $200.

A: Drivers must read and obey the information posted on the speed limit signs. The times listed are the times when drivers must slow their speeds. If the flashing lights are malfunctioning, please call 311 and report their location.

If you have a school zone question…email me at

Back To School: Traffic Tips (Monday)
August 14, 2010

Most children will start the 2010 school year on August 23rd. Are you ready? This week (8/16-21) on Local 2, during the traffic segments, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions for drivers about school zone safety laws. Email me with your questions and we’ll try to get them on-air!

Monday’s Questions:

A: According to HISD Police, drivers in ALL lanes and ON BOTH SIDES of the street must stop if the school bus stop sign is out or the red flashing lights are on. Drivers are not required to stop if there is a median separating you(driver) and the school bus.

A: HISD Police will not be giving any warnings for violations in a school zone. They say that this is a NO TOLERANCE policy for the safety of students.  So, stay tuned to my traffic reports this week for a preview of other laws that you should be briefed on before the 2010 school year kicks off.

Join Me – Saturday Morning
August 5, 2010

…As I fill-in anchor the show (Aug. 7) from 6-8am on Local 2.

Mary Lee and I had a great time a couple of weekends ago, on the Sunday morning newscast. Thanks to all of you who caught that one and for your encouraging messages since then.

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Here’s the crew [Amber, Mary, Gene, Matt, Grant, JD, Chad (missing)] who worked so hard to make it a smooth one. Thank you all.

School Zone Fines
August 3, 2010

 Speed in a Houston School Zone—Face Fines Over $275

 Tickets for Cell Phone Use in a School Zone Top $322, Allstate Ins. Survey Finds

HOUSTON, TX, August 17, 2010 – Get caught speeding in a Houston area school zone and expect to pay an average of $216, according to a new survey by Allstate Insurance.  The company recently surveyed 80 police departments and municipal courts across the state—including 14 in the Houston area—to find out the average cost of a speeding ticket in a school zone for driving 10 miles per hour over the limit. 

The survey found in the Houston area, the highest fines for school zone speeders are in Conroe ($276), Shenandoah ($272) and Houston ($250): Houston Area Cities     Average fine for speeding 10 mph over limit in school zone     
Conroe  $276   
Shenandoah      $272   
Houston         $250   
Baytown $226   
Pasadena        $225   
Sugar Land      $225   
Galveston       $222   
League City     $222   
Lake Jackson    $220   
Humble  $205   
Missouri City   $204   
La Porte        $201   
Bellaire        $200+  
Pearland        $176   
Rosenberg       $160   
Texas City      $150   

Statewide Results

According to the survey, the average fine statewide for driving 10 miles per hour over the limit is $211, with the highest fines in Huntsville ($312), College Station ($305) and Conroe ($305). On the other end of the spectrum, school zone speeders in Lufkin face fines around $150.

Allstate conducted the survey to remind drivers to slow down and pay attention in school zones, especially as many students in Texas head back to class next week.

“No matter how high or low the fines are in a city, they are in place to protect our kids and save lives,” said Dana Philibert, an Allstate agent in Pasadena. “Hopefully, any fine is enough to make drivers slow down and think.”

Cell Phone Violations in School Zones Top $327

Police are looking for more than just speeders in school zones. Drivers caught violating the year-old Texas law prohibiting cell phone use in a school zone, without a hands-free device, can end up paying as much as $327 in some cities, including Pearland, according to the survey..

The surveyed cities docking drivers the most in the Houston area for violating the cell phone-school zone law are:ouston Area Cities     Average fine for using a wireless device  in a school zone     
Pearland        $327   
Tomball            $322   
La Porte        $297   
Conroe             $276   
Houston         $260   

Three Back to School Traffic Safety Tips

1.      Drive slowly in school zones. Watch for children in the road and always obey crossing guards.

2.      Put down your phone, breakfast, make-up, etc. and focus on driving.

3.      Be alert and patient around school buses and bus stops.

Career Day: Dulles Middle School
January 28, 2010

Last Friday, I participated in Dulles Middle School’s Career Day. It wasn’t just ANY career day. These children were pretty fortunate! A room FULL of forty professionals went to speak to the children. The students rotated classrooms….listening to what each career was about and also asked questions. Most students were pretty quiet, some already “knew” what they were going to do and others had a blank stare. Hopefully, our visit gave inspiration to a future generation.

Dulles Middle School Career Day (2010)

All of the professionals gearing up for Career Day.

Traffic Anchor/Reporter and Traffic Engineer

East Early College HS
December 2, 2009

If you are a parent…wondering how you’ll afford for your child to go to college, this story is for you. It’s an opportunity that could change your child’s future.

[One correction to the piece, John Castillo is Leonel’s brother-in-law]

A ribbon-cutting ceremony in the East End of Houston(2nd Ward) was held to congratulate those who dedicated their time and effort toward this special campus.

Local 2 Mornings and Today
November 21, 2009

I have the BEST job and am so thankful for it!!

Golfing For Charity
July 19, 2009

Follow up posting to the entry: Jen To Attend Golf Tournament

I had a great time last week out at The Blackhorse Golf Course for the Sports Radio 610 Golf Classic.  I enjoyed the heat, but forgot SPF…so I was trying to catch as much shade as possible. It was all for a nice cause…to raise money for a children’s charity called The First Tee Of Houston. If you have a little one, take a quick glance at the link posted on previous posting to see if its something that could help your friends and family.

brian brian jen joey rene_blackhorse golf

Jen’s Team: Brian, “Coach” Brian from Cleveland, Texas, Joey and Rene.We did get a traffic warning for driving on the green.

joel drex jen jonathon _blackhorse golf sm

Ran into some friends: Joel, Clyde Drexler, Jeff  and Jonathon

jen adam_blackhorse golf

Here we are under the shade of the clubhouse…We had just finished a live segment and then Adam Clanton began reading material for the Sports Radio 610 break. He’s concentrating, isn’t he?

adam and jen_blackhorse golf sm

Adam Clanton and me. Hurry…smile…”click”…then Jonathon, the intern carted me over to the golf game that was already in progress.

bird blackhorse golf

Rene spotted this hawk which had just descended from the tree. It captured a “birdie.”

bird feather blackhorse golf


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Thanks everyone for the observant and funny comments made on my Facebook page. I was really surprised that you all could even SEE the type of shoes that I was wearing! 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your thoughts….

Sports Radio 610: On Air This Wednesday
July 14, 2009

It is Adam Clanton’s, Ladies Of Local 2 Week

I will be joining AC on his show tomorrow for another “J Rey Day” at 9:30am until I have to hit the golf course for the Sports Radio 610 Golf Tournament to help raise money for a children’s charity.

February 10, 2009

You can now watch ALL of our newscasts streaming live on Whether you are in town, out of town, or on the road, this is the easiest way to stay in tune with your favorite Houston newscast. Spread the news!


Super Bowl Show
February 2, 2009

Congrats to the Steelers!! Arizona…eewwh, so close!! Great game and yes, I did stay up to watch it. Here are my comments: I dont know what the Cards coach was thinking when they threw the pass before the half. The interception and run back for the touchdown by the Steelers was nice, I have to admit. The 4th quarter was awesome as the score went back and forth.  It was a disappointment to see Arizona give it all up with 2min 30 seconds left in the Championship Game. What an exciting ending!

We had our own excitement here at Channel 2. I hope you joined us yesterday morning because our show was a blast…we had the Willowridge High School band, the Texan Cheerleaders, chefs, one of the top jewelers in the world…Fred Cuellar, our awesome sports director, Randy McIlvoy and more…! Really, you shouldn’t have missed this one. Hello – TIVO!

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s show, if you missed it. 


4 of the Texan Cheerleaders joined us; (Vanessa, Erica, Cathy, Terri). I asked them what a game day was like, what they do when 70,000 people in the crowd are yelling and I asked about their calendar.


Jen with the founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, Fred Cuellar, who is one of the world’s top diamond experts. He has written four books including the number one selling book on diamonds in the country, How to Buy a Diamond. A big thanks to the signed copy he left for me to read.


Willowridge High School brought our morning show to life – for sure! What a treat. That’s me getting suited up with a tuba. Yes, it’s as heavy as it looks. FYI: A wearable tuba is called a sousaphone. Learn something new everyday!