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Help Haiti
January 19, 2010

It’s absolutely heart-breaking to watch news coverage from Haiti’s earthquake and destruction. While the survivor stories are incredible…pictures of the wreckage seem like a terrible nightmare…a movie…simply unreal. This past weekend I watched a lot of the cable news coverage. I thought – “Wow, even these experienced journalists had a look of utter shock and dismay at the horror they were witnessing.” Overall, amazing work from the people I study.  

Of course, I couldn’t help but to think about the “luxuries” in my own life; like reaching in the refrigerator and pouring a fresh glass of water; tossing clothes in my washing machine; flossing my teeth.  I’m sure it’s crossed your mind, too. 

I like many of you are wondering…what is the best way to help? Some have emailed me asking if blood donations are needed for those in Haiti. I contacted The Blood Center here in town and this is what they said:

To date, we have not been asked to support the Haitian relief effort by hosting blood drives.  The U.S. Armed Services Blood Program and the American Red Cross are responding to the blood needs of earthquake victims in Haiti and have indicated that the need is currently being met. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is prepared to help if needed, but at this time is not being asked to assist with the blood supply for Haiti.

-Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

On ways you can help now, click on this link: