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Celebrity Goat Milking Contest
March 10, 2009

If you are originally from Maine or Oregon, anywhere other than Texas really…I suppose a goat milking contest sounds like an odd event.  I decided to head over to Reliant to see the action for myself.  



It was all pretty basic…twenty-one local celebrities gathered to compete. So the big question was: did I get under a goat?? Nooo, I chickened out! Well, the real story is that I was just going to support Susan and Jon (89.3 FM KSBJ) whom had initally asked me to attend. The celebrity list had been filled weeks in advance. I was happy to just be a part of the fun…meeting Jan Carsen, Dana Tyson, Hunter Green, Pepito and seeing many other friends  in the industry was awesome! 




This year’s winner was well-known radio broadcaster and friend, Outlaw Dave  ( who took home the 1st place trophy. He had soooo much milk in his bucket that people wondered if he made a run to Starbucks!


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