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MLK Day: Parades
January 16, 2012


Parade begins at 10:00 a.m. on Texas at Crawford, proceeds west on Texas, south on Caroline, east on McKinney,  north on Austin, and concludes on Austin at Capitol.  Beginning no earlier than 9:00 a.m., staging on Texas between  Crawford and Hamilton, Hamilton between Texas and Capitol, Chenevert between Texas and Capitol, and Avenida de las Americas between Texas and Capitol.  Disbanding on Capitol between Austin and Hamilton.


Parade begins at 10:00 a.m. on San Jacinto Street at Elgin Street, proceeds north on San Jacinto Street and concludes on San Jacinto Street at Webster Street.  Beginning no earlier than 9:00 a.m., staging on San Jacinto Street between Elgin Street and Holman Street and on Stuart Street, Francis Street and Holman Street between Fannin Street and Caroline Street.  Disbanding on San Jacinto Street between Webster Street and W. Gray Street, on Webster Street between Fannin Street and La Branch Street and on Caroline Street (east and west curb lanes) and Austin Street (east and west curb lanes) between Webster Street and McGowen Street.

Win a Brand New (Lower Emission) Car!
September 1, 2011

I-69 Logo

Texas drivers still have a chance to win a brand-new 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid by entering the Drive Clean Across Texas online sweepstakes. The deadline for entering is Sept. 26. The statewide public outreach and education campaign encourages motorists to make cost-saving, no-cost and low-cost changes in their driving and vehicle maintenance behaviors to reduce harmful vehicle emissions—a major contributor to air pollution. The low-emission Fusion is being donated by the Dallas Cowboys Football Club. Texas drivers ages 18 and up can enter.

What a Summer…
August 14, 2011

The drought has been in the news a lot lately, so I went to take a closer look for myself, at one of our lakes. Ok, sooo maybe it wasn’t only to investigate the water levels, but to enjoy Lake Conroe!

Holding on!

In the “Pier 1” picture, if you look hard enough, you can see how low the water levels are. I’d say a good 5 ft or so. It certainly seems like we should continue to practice our water conservation techniques for a while to come.

Lake Conroe (August 2011)

And as the summer winds down and we get back to our normal schedules…I will be, too. This weekend, was my last to fill-in for weekend mornings. I’m off until Wednesday (8/17), but will be looking for you after that.

Prepping for the morning show; August 14, 2011

8 Tips To Survive Your Drive
April 12, 2011

Survive your drive with these tips from Walter Irvine, an instructor at the Skip Barber Racing School, in Lakeville, Connecticut. Hum, wonder if we Houstonians would agree…

What If…?

… a car is heading straight toward you in your lane? “Try to get their attention [honk, flash your lights], but also look ahead and plan for an evasive reaction. Do not stare at the oncoming vehicle,” because your car follows your line of sight. “Look where you want to go, not where you are heading.”

…a car is tailgating you and honking wildly? “Pull over and let it by.”

… a car is swerving ahead of you and the driver is clearly impaired? “Give him room, do not tailgate, and, again, do not fixate on him.”

… a deer darts in front of your car? “Calmly attempt to avoid it with as little braking and steering as you can.”

… you come to a four-way stop? “Always try to establish eye contact with drivers waiting to proceed. If you see them looking at you, you know it is safe.”

… you’re blinded by the sun? “Don’t overreact by slamming on the brakes or swerving. Continue on your path so you are predictable to other vehicles.”

… you get a yellow light as you approach an intersection? “You should never go through a yellow light if you have the ability to stop safely.”

… you’re about to be rear-ended? “Take your foot off the brake. If the car behind you hits you, the impact will be lessened if your car can roll forward.”

(Source: Reader’s Digest)

Learn about Houston’s Drinking Water
October 12, 2010


We haven’t had anything like it…but coming October 13th the City of Houston WaterWorks Education Center will be open to the public. The Center is located at the Northeast Water Plant, 12121 North Sam Houston Parkway East.

This one-of-a-kind regional facility was created to promote water education, conservation and stewardship in the community to protect our most precious resource, water. The WaterWorks Center takes visitors through an interactive and innovative environmental journey to learn how lake and river water is transformed into drinking water.

Hands-on exhibits and engaging lectures focus on water related educational themes ranging from water purification and distribution, methods of source water protection and a historical perspective of Houston’s Public Water Supply.

For more information about the WaterWorks Education Center and a map to the Center visit the website:

Red River Rivalry Traffic Delays
September 28, 2010

Orange Barrels Ahead for Texas-Oklahoma Game Travel

Thousands of football fans will converge on north Texas this weekend for the annual Texas-Oklahoma game on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in the Cotton Bowl, and transportation officials in both states are urging motorists to use caution navigating heavy traffic and active construction zones. TxDOT and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation have no lane closures planned between Oklahoma City and Austin during peak travel periods, however a portion of southbound I-35 north of the Austin area will be reduced to one lane beginning at 10 p.m. Sunday, October 3.

In addition, due to our efforts to expand I-35 to six lanes through central Texas, motorists should use extra caution in our active work zones and reduce distractions from the task at hand – driving to the Metroplex safely.

To ease the flow of traffic through the construction zones south of Waco and south of Hillsboro on I-35, active construction will be limited, and contractors are prohibited from closing lanes or ramps due to construction throughout Texas-OU weekend.

Highway conditions and safety information will be available to motorists in a variety of formats:
For Oklahoma traffic advisory information, call 1-888-425-2385. On twitter, follow @OKDOT.

For Texas road conditions, or, or call the TxDOT road conditions line at 1-800-452-9292. Each TxDOT district will keep their twitter feed updated with the latest highway conditions throughout the weekend. Follow @TxDOT for statewide information, or visit for a list of district twitter feeds.

Look Who Dropped By Local 2
September 21, 2010

Dr. Mehmet Oz visits KPRC

Friday, I was leaving the office with a roller bag in my right hand and a casual pair of shoes in my left. As I was strolling along the narrow back hallway, I came face-to-face with a friendly, familiar face. None other than Dr. Oz. My first comment to him was, “Welcome to Houston!” He asked if I was going somewhere and I jokingly said, “flying out of town.” I then made a u-turn and found him minutes later, in the makeup room. We made our way over to the Local 2 wall and snapped this photo.

According to this article, he was in Texas to help our neighbors in Dallas with diabetes:

My Favorites
August 6, 2010

Here’s my list:

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITES? Share with me on Facebook. Or email me.

Anchorman Sequel…NO??
August 5, 2010

You probably guessed that I am a fan of the movie, Anchorman. In TV, who isn’t?

I don’t usually care for slapstick comedies, but this movie is an exception.  As I was browsing through Mike McGuff’s blog (, the mention of an Anchorman sequel caught my eye. So, I clicked on this link to sadly find out that at this time, a sequel has been denied.

It’s a long article, basically blaming globalization for Hollywood’s change of strategy when okaying scripts. Check it out for yourself:

Personalized Licence Plates
August 4, 2010

Go online now to share your opinion about new designs proposed for official Texas license plates:

-NASCAR has three proposed designs, including plates honoring the NASCAR Hall Of Fame and Dale Earnhardt and NASCAR 24 Jeff Gordon.

-There are two new full-color designs for the Dallas Cowboys and one each for the Houston Texans and the Houston Dynamo.

-New university plates are proposed for Texas Tech, University of Texas at San Antonio, Baylor, University of Oklahoma, and University of Tennessee. 

-The Texas Trophy Hunters Association design is black, featuring a skull.

The public comment period ends August 10 at 5 pm.  Assuming the plates meet with TxDMV approval, My Plates hopes to have the new designs available in October for order online or by calling 888-7MY-PLATES.

My Plates prices range from $55 to $195 for a one-year plate.  The yearly cost gets lower when plates are purchased for 5 or 10 years.

Need a Laugh After Sitting in Traffic?
June 22, 2010

Thanks to a viewer/listener for this one. Enjoy…

April 22, 2010

I emceed a spring luncheon for The Gathering Place yesterday…which is an organization that helps adults with mental illness. They’re funded by private donations – from contributions given by people like you and me. Money given goes to help in so many ways…to shuttle their patients around the city, to put together activities and other day-to-day expenses that help the mentally ill feel less alone in life. If this is a cause that you’d like to give to :

The Houston Country Club

Mental illness is a difficult thing for “others” to understand or even recognize. But, can you imagine knowing that you are different inside…with your thinking or brain activity, but not be able to control it or know what to do? There are people that feel “trapped” everyday within their own skin – a very tough thing to deal with in life. And this is why I fully support causes/organizations which fund research and help those suffering. -Jennifer

You can find more pictures of community events that I support on MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE:

In This Case…Love Stinks
February 15, 2010


MN Farmer Expresses Himself With Massive Manure Heart

Valentine’s Day has come and gone this year, but a Minnesota farmer’s expression of love is sure to keep his community talking for years to come.  “The Albert Lea Tribune” reports that Bruce Andersland decided to forego roses for his wife, Beth, this Valentine’s Day.  Instead, the farmer opted to create a half-mile wide heart made from manure on his land.  Andersland started with a vision that led to plans jotted down on paper.  Then, using his manure spreader, Andersland fashioned the heart with an arrow through it late last week.  Regarding the expression of love – which is visible from the sky as far as 12 miles southwest of the couple’s farm – Beth Andersland said, quote, “Now I’ve got my Valentine! That’s pretty cute.”

Friday’s Frigid Temps
January 8, 2010

It didn’t just FEEL “freezing cold” this Friday morning, it WAS…I was trying to stay as warm as possible. We have this heater, so kindly donated by Andy Patterson (a long time employee at Local 2, who works in Production). That heater keeps us very happy in the traffic center. It must have read 77 degrees today; working overtime. Then had to swing by Anthony’s desk to see what the temps were outside. Twenty-WHAT?!? So, I was in no rush to leave the building. Oh wait, 9:15am and I’m done – on a Friday – hellooooo, time to make a run for the car in my long jacket/scarf/gloves. 🙂

Still trying to get rid of an annoying deep cough that I have had for a few days. Thanks for sharing your tips/cures with me on my Facebook Page. You can see another traffic/weather picture posted exclusively on FB, as well. Stay warm!

Hey cold is it??!

(Bbbrrr) Heater at my feet

Floor Dir/Camera Operator, Matt Kennedy counts me down; in 3...2...1

Lunch w/Mike & Susan From KSBJ
December 16, 2009

Here’s something to be proud of…in 6-7 months, Mike has dropped around 38lbs! One day we were talking in between commercial breaks and he just said, “Hey Jen, I’m going to drop some weight. Yeah, I’m shooting for 2 lbs a week.”

He made it sound so easy and I could just hear the confidence in his voice. It was very ‘matter of fact’ like. And from that day forward, he didn’t look back. Weight watcher points was part of the secret and the other might have been the fact that he mentioned it on-air to thousands of people. Uh-oh, accountability on the line! He would update me every 2 weeks or so; never heard him frustrated even if he hadn’t lost any weight that week.

After a few months, I told him that I wouldn’t be able to recognize him, haha. So, we scheduled lunch in celebration of over 30 lbs that he’s shed. WAY TO GO, BUDDY!

Mike's BEFORE picture during Open House, May '09. (KSBJ Studio)

Yes, it was planned – We were excited to take a BEFORE AND AFTER picture and tried to get the photos to look as similar as possible; nice job, right?

Mike's AFTER picture, Dec. '09...38lbs lighter! (KSBJ Studio)

All of us after lunch at Pappasitos. (Susan, Jen, Mike)