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It’s ALL about APPS
February 5, 2010

Houston TranStar introduces iPhone-optimized Website
New site provides travelers with current traffic and weather information

Houston TranStar, eager to keep drivers informed about the latest traffic delays and weather in town, now offers an enhanced version of its mobile Website that allows iPhone users to view Houston area traffic and weather conditions in an environment optimized for their iPhones.

TranStar’s new iPhone-optimized Website takes advantage of the advanced functionality of the iPhone platform, enabling users to view speed maps, weather radar, estimated travel times, roadway cameras, incidents, road and construction closures and message signs. The site provides constantly-updated notices concerning incidents and delays on the freeway system.

“Travelers can easily observe current traffic and weather conditions on roads they frequent in the region,” said Jack Whaley, Director of Houston TranStar. “They will save valuable time during peak traffic hours simply by glancing at their mobile devices before beginning their drive.”

Houston TranStar is the first traffic management center in Texas to offer this service to its iPhone users. While the Website was designed for Apple’s iPhone, Houston TranStar also offers a similar service for other web-enabled mobile devices.

To view the site on your iPhone, just use the Safari browser to visit this link:

Traffic Cameras: Snapshot vs. Video
August 25, 2009



AY_TRAFFIC2_Transtar cam video

As much as we’d like to be able to provide streaming video to the public, the enormous hardware, bandwidth and manpower costs to provide this service for more than 600 cameras is just prohibitive.

It would also require a switch from our current Web architecture to an IP (Internet Protocol) system, and this would cost a great deal of money in addition to the above costs.

So at least for now, the snapshots are all we can provide.

Houston Transtar
Public Information Officer