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Power In The Palm Of Your Hand
August 2, 2009

I walked into T Mobile recently…only to find out that they are responding to Apple’s iPhone with the My Touch 3G, launching in days. With a data plan you can have immediate access to a Houston traffic map AND GET THIS…Houston Transtar Cameras showing live pictures of traffic!!! (Thanks Dylan S. for pointing that out) I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise…technology has gone “there.” So, will we even see traffic anchors in 5 years…10 years…20 years?

My Touch 3G / iPhone

My Touch 3G / iPhone

Which brings me to my next point…I began to wonder about technology increase and job decrease over the past decade as a whole. In search of hard data and real numbers…I found this article (and many more).;col1

The article is long and goes in-depth, but I found these interesting points and I quote:

Whereas historically new technologies often took a generation for their impact to be fully felt–the internal combustion engine for example–this is not so with IT and the Internet; their influence has been almost immediate. – Gene Huang, chief economist at Federal Express

I think the ‘speed of change’ makes it harder to predict what jobs will be here and what jobs will be totally wiped out with the advancement of technology. Take away point: prepare yourself with skills that you can take across markets. As a matter of fact, I just reported on a story of a gentleman that changed sectors after working in his field for 25 years! This type of story is not new, but it seems to be happening more often.

Google: Predicting Traffic
February 6, 2009

Looks like I will be out of a job soon.

(ok, i’m kidding)

Google has added a feature to their maps that allows you to see what traffic will do on ANY given day, at ANY given time! How cool is that…especially if you are new to town, right? I have received several emails in the past asking if there is such a website or source. Well, now there is!