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Today: Salute To Our Troops
March 18, 2009

TODAY (Wednesday 3/18)
3:30pm – 6:00pm
Outdoor Stage (Reliant Park /Carnival)

Join us in celebration and tribute to our troops and their families. Open invitation to the public, military and their families, veterans, discharged military, rodeo committees and committeemen.

I will co-host the event along with my friend, Outlaw Dave. If you have plans to attend the rodeo, then you are basically there. So stop by. Any questions, email me. Hope to see you.

Benefitting TEW
February 3, 2009

Last Tuesday, January 27th, I spent the evening hosting the Grand Re-opening event of Michaelyndon’s Salon with over 300 people in attendance. Guests enjoyed mini make overs, neck massages and hair fluffing along with door prizes, raffle, drinks and lite bites. All proceeds went to benefit the scholarship fund of Texas Executive Women (TEW). TEW supports programs that recognize, develop and fund the advancement of women and girls in our community. Through its diverse membership, the organization works to inspire women and girls to achieve their goals and give back to the community.  Since TEW began its mentoring programs in 1993, it has touched the lives of more than 1,800 middle and high school girls throughout the greater Houston-area.


Michael Johnston(owner), Jen, Ellie Francisco, Gaye Lynn Orebaugh


Jen, Margo Snider (TEW), Michael Johnston(owner)


Jen and Tiffanie Williams (friend)


On a side note , if you are ever looking for a wonderful salon with an amazing team of beauty professionals…then you should stop by 5250 W Alabama (right behind The Galleria). Keep an eye out on Paper City, Health and Fitness and Houston Magazine for upcoming mention of the event.

Photos by: Daniel Ortiz

January 17, 2009

COUNTDOWN For The Souper Bowl of Caring – 15 days until Sunday, February 1

You have 15 days left from today, to help make a difference and  fight hunger in the largest food drive in the history of Texas. You can either make a donation at your local grocery store, volunteer at that same grocery store or volunteer at the Houston Food Bank. They too, need help sorting through the food that is going into the facility. You can even make a monetary contribution by heading to this website. Here’s the link.

This video gives you an insight into who you could be helping. Everyone has a story and their own set of circumstances.

Toy Drive: A Success (2008)
December 15, 2008

Houstonians….YOU did it for us again! KPRC Local 2’s “Gift Drive” was a success! Here are the bare numbers…

* Over 700 children were able to receive a bag of gifts.

* Over 17 different agencies were able to participate.

* The same approximate amount of toys were collected as last year.

* A RECORD was set for Gift Cards and Paypal which is what we really asked you for in order to make an older child’s Christmas come true!

As you all know, there has been a lot of negative news regarding the economy. So, honestly….we didnt know what to expect for the amount of donations, but had hoped for the best.  I am proud of our viewers, for each and every one of you, who took the time and money to contribute during such an unstable year.

It took a dedicated team to make this all work out…take a look for yourself. Concerns over privacy limit what we can show you, so I have blurred parts of pictures, but there were lots of smiles in the room. Thanks again and may you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.



We heard that this little boy was asking for a stuffed animal. He came running up to me when he saw that I had a one for him.  You should have seen his eyes light up with joy!


I had to thank Santa. It gets HOT up there greeting all 700 children.


Here are just a few of the KPRC employees that helped out. Dozens more were there. Kim Davis is behind me. Ryan Korsgard has the blue Local 2 tee on. Bill Balleza is next to Santa. You can barely see, Gary Wann’s head near Bill. KSBJ was in attendance. Ben Oldham, John Rizzuti and his son also helped run things.


Alana Gomez-Dong (one of our newer reporters) and Ginny Landers (Promotions) lent a helping hand, too.

[There are other blog postings related to Season 2 Give showing our behind the scenes shoot for the promos and all responses from the viewers about the toy drive. Feel free to check those out too. ]

A Season 2 Give 2008
November 28, 2008

It is that time again….a time when YOU can make a child smile. Every year Channel 2 teams up with partners to gather gifts to give out to children. Picture giving a toy or a gift card to a child in a homeless shelter or a foster home. Well…that’s what our staff does…with your help. If you have time, we’d like to see you at our Local 2 studios on December 5th or you can drop by any Ashley Furniture store with your new unwrapped toy, gift or gift card. December 5th is our big day to round up all of the presents. Over the following week, our staff sort the gifts by age groups and we get the truck(s) ready to deliver the items to Minute Maid Park. That is where the children will come by to see Santa and to receive your donation.

Here’s a link…if you need times, locations or gift ideas:

Jen and Bonnie

Jen and Bonnie

Jen, Anthony and Bonnie on screen

Jen, Anthony and Bonnie on screen

I promise...I was listening!
I promise…I was listening!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the promo shoot. It’s been running for a few days…as a reminder about this upcoming Toy Drive. Bonnie joined Anthony and me on this one. You might recognize her from the Ashley Furniture Homestore commercials. We ‘clicked’ with her immediately!

MDA-“Cookie Throw Down”
November 20, 2008

Firefighters and the MDA go together like milk and cookies….perfectly! Monday (11/17), I emceed the 1st Annual “Cookie Throw Down.” The MDA staff baked cookies and firefighters from around our area donated their time to come and judge the baked goodies.  







2008 Latin Grammys
November 15, 2008

It was no surprise that Juanes, the Columbian rock musician, took home several Grammys.



Cafe Tacvba took home a couple as well….

Cafe Tacvba

Cafe Tacvba

A legendary performance …

Gloria Estefan and Carlos Santana

Gloria Estefan and Carlos Santana

The Latin Grammys: Thurs at 7pm
November 13, 2008

Jen and Pili Montilla

Jen and Pili Montilla

Look who popped by our Local 2 Studios yesterday…Pili Montilla, the host of LATV, our sister network. She stopped in and talked to us about the Latin Grammys–OF COURSE!! She is attending the Grammys and her show will also cover the parties around town. You can tune in to LATV on Digital Channel 2.3 or on Comcast Cable Channel 321.

Pili is a proud Puerto Rican…she lives in LA and…here’s something you might not have known…her real name is Maria del Pilar. You can find out more about her by visiting

Election 2008
November 4, 2008

How exciting!! I have never seen USA citizens as motivated, politically, as the past few months. Today, KPRC was exclusive in setting up a phone bank to help Houstonians with any last minute voting questions. Members from The League of Women Voters volunteered their time to answer the phones. Laura Blackburn, the President of the Houston Chapter and Lula Blake, the Vice President were both in attendance.

Here are a few snap shots of the action in Studio B.

Jen and Lula Blake, VP

Jen and Lula Blake, VP



We hope that you exercised your right to vote today. As you can see from a previous post, I voted early. But, I wish that I would have read the Voters Guide, provided by The League of Women Voters. It was an excellent summary of ALL of the candidates for various positions. The internet is a great tool, but this paper made it easier on people because of the fact that it was concise. I did a lot of flipping around from website to website…it took effort and patience. On the other hand, The Voters Guide provided pictures of those running for each office and a synopsis of their bio and experience within a few pages. Just what I needed! Next time, I’ll be sure to pick one up.  Here’s the link, online as well, in case you are interested.

Mayor’s Traffic Luncheon
October 16, 2008

It’s important to me to stay current and to be involved when it comes to traffic and news. Tuesday, October 14th, Houston Mayor, Bill White held a working lunch regarding Hurricane Ike related traffic issues. I left the office early and headed over to the George R. Brown Convention Center to meet everyone.

The point of  the meeting was to discuss what could have gone better…what improvements could be made to make Houston more prepared for the next big storm.

Here are some pictures from the day’s event. 

Group Photo

Group Photo

Press Secretary, Pat Trahan and Jen

Press Secretary, Pat Trahan and Jen



Public Works Director, Michael Marcotte and Jen

Public Works Director, Michael Marcotte and Jen

2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars
October 13, 2008

The 2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars was held at the Toyota Center, Friday, October 10th. Anthony, Owen and I had a great time watching our athletes put on such a fun-filled show! The pressure was off…the athletes were on…and the crowd was pumped up. The event featured All Around gold medalist Nastia Liukin and Balance Beam gold medalist Shawn Johnson, and 2004’s All Around gold medal winner, Paul Hamm. Houstonians, Raj Bhavsar and Jonathon Horton, also performed. 
Jonathon Horton, Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson
Jonathon Horton, Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson


Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson

We all agreed that the ladies’ attire was lacking material and definitely looked more “grown up” with a splash from the 80’s. Overall they were graceful in style, while the guys had more of an edgy feel to their performance. It was a great mix!

The Show

The Show

Owen and I were basically running around like the paparazzi because we both love to document life’s moments via the lens. At first, we were up-close, taking snap shots of the gymnasts. However, when Shawn Johnson came down to the floor to sign a few autographs, we almost got ran over by hoards of adoring fans. Anyway, Owen beat me photographically by taking 738 more pictures that I did. He recently got a new camera…that should explain it. As for Yanez and I…well we were laughing every other 4 minutes; either about Owen acting crazy… or at one of Jen’s “throw Yanez under the bus” lines (an ongoing joke we say on-air) or…some random antic. Take for example, when we all walked to the ladies bathroom to see if Laura Wilkinson, renowned diver, had walked that way. Sure enough as she walked out, we caught her attention and chatted a little.
Anthony, Jen and Owen

Anthony, Jen and Owen

It seems you need to be VERY flexible

It seems you need to be VERY flexible

Owen and I taking pictures of one another...taking pictures

Owen taking a picture of me

KPRC Local 2 viewers who won the "meet and greet"

KPRC Local 2 viewers who won the "Meet and Greet" contest


More community involvement
October 7, 2008

For the 2nd year in a row, Jacob’s Engineering ( invited me to participate in their annual United Way Main Event (, which kicked off Jacob’s fundraising campaign. They raised about $700,000 last year (mainly from employee contributions) and this year their goal is $800,000!    

State Rep Jim Murphy, JP, Jen and T Wayne

State Rep Jim Murphy, JP, Jen and T Wayne

Misty with United Way and Jen

Misty with United Way and Jen

T Wayne, TX House Representative Dwayne Bohac, NFL Hall of Famer Tom Mack, TX State Rep Jim Murphy

T Wayne, TX House Rep Dwayne Bohac, Mike Jackson, TX State Rep Jim Murphy

Making A Difference, One Child At A Time
August 17, 2008

The Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office is a division which sets up programs that provide counseling, court based-assessment, gang education and awareness training, job readiness training and more.

The Anti-Gang Division invited me to speak on July 31st, to a group of children involved with the Juvenile Accountability Court Program.  The summer session included a group of children that ranged from middle school to 11th grade with minor violations. The children meet once a week for six weeks, learning about various topics. Our visit focused on Career Day. I was a guest among 10 other professionals ranging from a teacher, professional boxer, councilwoman, pilot, military officer, police officer, banker, marketing manager, counselor, and job recruiter. As you can see, the children were exposed to a wide variety of speakers from the Houston community.

As I looked out in front of me, I saw about 60 kids who were well-behaved, well-groomed, alert and interactive. I knew that each child had a story and that they would continue to make choices in their growing years. Hopefully, our stories and inspiration had a positive influence on these innocent lives.

(Professional Boxer – Juan Diaz)

The counselors and adults who worked with the children displayed a caring attitude and were very connected and dedicated. I think this type of program will save many kids from making bigger errors in the future. For every party involved…..way to go!

Radio Reunion
August 4, 2008

On Sunday, July 27th, many current and former employees in the radio business from the Houston market reunited. The Houston Radio Reunion drew in hundreds; some of them were the familiar voices that were heard on Houston airwaves for more than 35 years. Many attended the special event to catch up and network, swap stories about the radio business or find former colleagues.

So, why was Jen invited to the private party? Well, many of you already know that I worked with Outlaw Dave and Locke on Rock 101 KLOL. We’ve kept in touch, but I hadn’t seen them in a while…so, I was looking forward that.  I also knew that I would be meeting others who had helped shape Houston radio…names my parents recognized and grew up with. So, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shake hands with people who had devoted their lives to the mic and to Houstonians.

You’ll see a few of them in the slideshow. Click on VIEW ALL IMAGES. 

Jen will Emcee Hunger Drive (5/8)
May 8, 2008

Stamp Out Hunger Parade

WHAT:  The 16th Annual National Association of Letter Carriers’ “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive will kick-off with a parade in downtown Houston by the main post office on Thursday, May 8.   The event is a fun way to increase awareness and participation in the largest one-day food drive, scheduled for Saturday May 10.  All food collected locally benefits the Houston Food Bank.  The public is encouraged to attend! 

  The parade will include drum lines and a color guard from local high schools (Barbara  Jordan, Klein Forest and Booker T. Washington High Schools); the Campbell’s Kids mascots;  a veteran’s organization float; vehicles from sponsors and donors including the U.S. Postal Service, Kroger, Goya, and the Houston Food Bank; representatives from the Harlem Globetrotters; and more.

WHEN:  Thursday, May 8 10 a.m.  News conference, followed by the parade

 WHERE:  Main Post Office, 401 Franklin Street