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Making The List
September 2, 2009

Houston….we’ve made “the list.” Well, not the one we’d want to be on though. The No. 1 road for traffic congestion in the entire state is the stretch of Interstate 45 between the North Loop and Beltway 8 in North Houston.

The congestion is measured by comparing how much longer the trip takes during rush hour, than when the road flows freely. The stretch on I-45 got the top spot by causing more than 4.2 million hours of annual driving delays. That’s 450,000 delayed hours per mile.

Power In The Palm Of Your Hand
August 2, 2009

I walked into T Mobile recently…only to find out that they are responding to Apple’s iPhone with the My Touch 3G, launching in days. With a data plan you can have immediate access to a Houston traffic map AND GET THIS…Houston Transtar Cameras showing live pictures of traffic!!! (Thanks Dylan S. for pointing that out) I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise…technology has gone “there.” So, will we even see traffic anchors in 5 years…10 years…20 years?

My Touch 3G / iPhone

My Touch 3G / iPhone

Which brings me to my next point…I began to wonder about technology increase and job decrease over the past decade as a whole. In search of hard data and real numbers…I found this article (and many more).;col1

The article is long and goes in-depth, but I found these interesting points and I quote:

Whereas historically new technologies often took a generation for their impact to be fully felt–the internal combustion engine for example–this is not so with IT and the Internet; their influence has been almost immediate. – Gene Huang, chief economist at Federal Express

I think the ‘speed of change’ makes it harder to predict what jobs will be here and what jobs will be totally wiped out with the advancement of technology. Take away point: prepare yourself with skills that you can take across markets. As a matter of fact, I just reported on a story of a gentleman that changed sectors after working in his field for 25 years! This type of story is not new, but it seems to be happening more often.

Save Fuel and Time!
November 20, 2007

I was at my hair salon, Michaellyndon’s the other day, which is the perfect venue to catch up on a brief magazine read. It’s about the only time I have these days to browse through the fashion section or the editorials. Of course, I selected the Oprah Magazine and one article in particular caught my attention. It was short, sweet, informative and I immediately thought – “I need to place this on my blog so that others can be reminded as well.” Here is part of that article:

Taking a left hand turn on a busy two-way street can be maddening time suck. Minutes tick by as you sit, idling, with your blinker on. UPS drivers avoid this by taking right turns whenever possible. The company has developed a software program that maps out delivery routes using a majority of right turns – a move that last year helped save the company about 3 million gallons of fuel and shaved more than 28 million miles off their routes. UPS employees now use this trick on their off-hours and swear that it can trim at least a minute from each errand – and five errands an hour means five to ten minutes’ worth of saved time….

Now, I have purposely made right turns before using common sense and prompted by the clock telling me that I am 5 minutes late to something. The bottom line though, is that this article pointed out huge numbers of fuel and time that we could all collectively save. It was a great reminder for something so simple that many of us forget about!

So, back to my story – I kept the tip in mind, last Friday and it didnt take long before I was in a situation where I thought about the RIGHT HAND TURN article. I was on my way to meet friends for lunch at Vincent’s. Well, there is this popular light at W Gray. One car at the front wants to make a left turn and cars that are lined up behind him want to keep straight. Everyone starts jetting around the guy and that in turn slows the right lane down. Of course, this scenario happens on hundreds of streets around Houston, everyday.

Long story short, I made my right turn, kept the traffic flowing and did not have to sit through 3 more lights before, I myself could turn. I was happy to be part of the traffic solution.

Your Cell Rings, But You Are Driving…
October 25, 2007

What do you do? Well, let me be completely honest; I usually answer my phone using my bluetooth device.

But, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety(IIHS), chatting on a cell phone while driving increases your risk of collision fourfold! I’m sure many of you have felt the scare…you are talking on the phone or doing something else in the car and barely miss an accident, stomp on the brakes and pray that the person behind you can stop fast enough to avoid hitting you. Another “close call.”

Let’s not mention text messaging, eating, applying make-up, changing CDs or starring at a wreck. So many temptations! But, just think of the hassels that you would go through if something did happen. Your insurance would increase, cars are damaged, tickets are given and most importantly people are hurt. So, is it really worth it? I’ll let you “make the call.”