Viewer Email: North Belt and Hardy Tollway

Intersection Under Construction

Q: Construction at the Beltway 8/Hardy Road intersection appears to be at a standstill leaving the area in unsafe and unsightly state. It has been this way for months. The situation is creating a traffic problem resulting in accidents and delays. Is there some explanation for why the project has been abandoned? Are they just going to leave it in a mess indefinitely? There is no doubt something being mishandled. It appears our hard earned tax money is being wasted. 

Gary J.


Hi Gary,

Great question. It is my understanding that the project was going as planned. All of a sudden, the company contracted to do the job-defaulted! They simply went out of business. TxDOT, then had to restart the bidding process over. It’s like starting from day one, but with lanes blocked and commuters wondering why no progress is being made.

TxDOT says: “We are aware of the traffic issue and are working as fast as possible to move the construction forward. It may still be a few months before you see any activity at that location.”

Sorry about your traffic troubles, but stick to an alternate route. 🙂


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