Viewer Mail: 45 North at Beltway 8

Q: Jennifer,

Could you ask whoever has responsibility for painting the lines on the roads to check out the ramp from I-45 North to Sam Houston Tollway North Loop East and the ramp from I-45 South to Sam Houston Tollway North Loop East.  These ramps merge and the lines are no longer visible for the drivers and therefore is un-safe.

Rey Velasquez

A: Rey,

Your email was forwarded to my office. This area is one we are familiar with. We have an ongoing construction project to add one lane on the Sam Houston Tollway east of IH 45 in each direction to eliminate a bottleneck.

The work will be done in the coming month , and we will restripe this section of highway.

I am providing this to our Area Engineer in charge of construction and we will review the location to determine if temporary restriping would be beneficial. Thanks for taking the time to report this location.

Stuart Corder
Director of Transportation Operations


2 Responses

  1. hey hope your having a bless day today

  2. so y (werent)? you at work friday i missed u, halie gives the traffic wrong

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