Viewer Mail: Grand Pkwy/Westpark

Q: Ms. Reyna,

 During busy times of the day it can take upwards of 10 minutes just  to get through the intersection of Grand Parkway and 1093 (southbound on  Grand).

 I have heard there are plans to expand the Grand Parkway from the  I-10 area to 290. I would like to know when the mainlanes of the Grand Parkway over  1093 will be completed to reduce the traffic at the feeder intersections. Can you help find this out from TxDOT?  – Todd

A: The Fort Bend Grand Parkway Authority has started constructing the overpasses on the Grand Parkway between US-59 and through and over Westpark and FM-1093.   The first two projects, Riverpark and West Airport, began construction this week.  The remaining projects are still in design.  We expect to begin construction on all of them by late spring of 2012 with completion in 2013.

Specifically we expect design to be complete in May 2012 for the overpass over Westpark and FM-1093, construction would begin 45 days are so after design is complete.

The FBGPTRA will have a website up in the next month or so detailing the overall program and project specifics.  On that website we expect to show the map of the projects and the schedule.  – Michael Stone ; Professsional Project Management Services


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