Green Space NOT For Sale

TxDOT Committed to Preserving Green space

“Kingwood site will remain a green space and is not for sale.”

Houston District Engineer Delvin Dennis reaffirms the state’s intention to keep the property at the southwest corner of US 59 North and Kingwood a landscaped green space not available for purchase by the Kingwood Medical Center.

The Kingwood Medical Center had inquired about the 6.5 acre parcel of land and expressed interest in purchasing the property to convert it into a parking lot for the adjacent medical-center complex. However, the property is being used as part of a beautification project that is centered on enhancing the aesthetics of the community while improving the local environment.

Some of those improvements are made by The Green Ribbon Project which has worked to enhance communities by planting trees that provide shade, harbor birds and other wildlife, reduce noise, store carbon, reduce erosion, and produce oxygen.

Earlier this year the Houston District reached a lofty goal through a partnership with local organizations in planting one million trees in Houston as part of the initiative. A decision to dismantle and sell the property for future development would not be in-keeping with our goals to aesthetically enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve,” Mr. Dennis said.

(I’m a big advocate of GO GREEN projects in general and must say that I am proud of Mr. Dennis and the decision he has made in this case. -Jennifer)


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