8 Tips To Survive Your Drive

Survive your drive with these tips from Walter Irvine, an instructor at the Skip Barber Racing School, in Lakeville, Connecticut. Hum, wonder if we Houstonians would agree…

What If…?

… a car is heading straight toward you in your lane? “Try to get their attention [honk, flash your lights], but also look ahead and plan for an evasive reaction. Do not stare at the oncoming vehicle,” because your car follows your line of sight. “Look where you want to go, not where you are heading.”

…a car is tailgating you and honking wildly? “Pull over and let it by.”

… a car is swerving ahead of you and the driver is clearly impaired? “Give him room, do not tailgate, and, again, do not fixate on him.”

… a deer darts in front of your car? “Calmly attempt to avoid it with as little braking and steering as you can.”

… you come to a four-way stop? “Always try to establish eye contact with drivers waiting to proceed. If you see them looking at you, you know it is safe.”

… you’re blinded by the sun? “Don’t overreact by slamming on the brakes or swerving. Continue on your path so you are predictable to other vehicles.”

… you get a yellow light as you approach an intersection? “You should never go through a yellow light if you have the ability to stop safely.”

… you’re about to be rear-ended? “Take your foot off the brake. If the car behind you hits you, the impact will be lessened if your car can roll forward.”

(Source: Reader’s Digest)

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