Construction: Near Pearland

  • SH 35 from Clear Creek to FM 518 is still on going and progressing.  We are working on finishing the last bit of storm sewer construction between Orange Street south to FM 518.  We are starting paving work on the north end.  We are also working on bridge work at Town ditch and Hickory Slough also.
  • As for Cullen, we are very close to completely finishing the project.  The traffic is now in final configuration and we still have sidewalk, driveway and landscape to complete.
  • At Dixie Farm road from Clear Creek to SH 35, we are also very close to finishing the project.  Need to finish sidewalk and driveways and landscape,e tc.
  • Down south in Lake Jackson, we just switched traffic onto the newly built frontage road and start the milestone construction of the mainlanes and bridges. We will also be switching traffic on FM 2004 from BS 288 to This Way street.  After that we will have 3 more month’s work in storm sewer and asphalt overlay to complete the project.

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