New Diamond Lanes to be Built on US 290

“Addition of diamond lanes will result in travel time savings for motorists.”

HOUSTON – The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) took bids this week to construct a diamond lane on US 290 from Eldridge Parkway to Skinner Road.

The project includes restriping the east- and westbound lanes of US 290 from Eldridge Parkway to Skinner Road to provide improved access for multi-passenger vehicles entering and exiting the barrier separated high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.  A 700-foot section of the US 290 eastbound mainlane pavement will be widened to accommodate the proper travel lane width due to an existing overhead sign structure.

After completion, the diamond lanes will operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week and will be open to motorists carrying 2 or more passengers.  The diamond lane will facilitate the flow of traffic to and from the US 290 HOV lane during peak periods.

The contract bid for this project is $514,000 and will be funded by METRO.  Construction will begin in approximately 60-90 days and take 60 days to complete.  The new diamond lane is estimated to be open to the public June 2011.

“When complete, the diamond lanes will connect METRO’s Cypress Park & Ride to our barrier separated HOV network, cutting as much as 20 minutes off the travel time along this six-mile section of the corridor,” said George Greanias, Pres. and CEO of METRO.

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  1. Best news I’ve heard all week… Thanks.

  2. I just set up a new website to allow for Houstonian’s to weigh in on road problems and what can be done to fix them. Please visit my site at

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