Look Who Dropped By Local 2

Dr. Mehmet Oz visits KPRC

Friday, I was leaving the office with a roller bag in my right hand and a casual pair of shoes in my left. As I was strolling along the narrow back hallway, I came face-to-face with a friendly, familiar face. None other than Dr. Oz. My first comment to him was, “Welcome to Houston!” He asked if I was going somewhere and I jokingly said, “flying out of town.” I then made a u-turn and found him minutes later, in the makeup room. We made our way over to the Local 2 wall and snapped this photo.

According to this article, he was in Texas to help our neighbors in Dallas with diabetes:


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  1. Interstingly enough my wife would be very jealous, because whatever Dr Oz says we usually end up doing one way or another (she finds a way of sneaking his ideas into our lives …. all good I have to say, all for our better well being!).

    And she probabbly would not have said: “Welcome to Houston”, she probabbly would have asked a follow up question to one of his past “themes”. … Now WAY later on in the conversation she would have heard about all he is doing with people with diabetes and I would have heard about it over dinner! (way to give him a Texas welcome: Jennifer!)

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