Say it ain’t so! (290 NW Frwy)

US 290/ Hempstead Corridor Program Receives Environmental Clearance

“TxDOT is a huge step closer to beginning improvements on US 290.”

HOUSTON – The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is pleased to announce that the US 290/Hempstead Corridor Program has received final federal approval.

On August 25, 2010, the Federal Highway Administration issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for the US 290/Hempstead Corridor’s Final Environmental Impact Statement. The ROD documents the proposed recommendations for the Corridor, explains why these recommendations were selected and includes a description of the mitigation required to implement the recommendations. This equals environmental clearance for the US 290/Hempstead Corridor Program, marks the completion of the Program’s 10-year planning and environmental process, and allows TxDOT to proceed with right of way negotiation and construction activities.

The first project will consist of improvements to the inbound portions of the US 290/IH 610 interchange funded by the previously allocated Proposition 12 bond funding. Construction letting is scheduled to occur in May 2011. Although they are a fraction of the total Program scope, the Proposition 12 improvements will result in a combined peak travel time savings of approximately $30 million per year for IH 10, IH 610 and US 290.

For more information on the US 290/Hempstead Corridor Program, please contact the Public Information Office at 1-866-95US290 (1-866-958-7290). For additional information regarding the Record of Decision please visit the US 290 Program website at

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  1. Good stuff, good stuff, we needed that, 290 along I-45 are the worst and more congested high ways that ever existed on this planet.

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