Mayor’s Anti-Gang Career Day

I moderated The Mayor’s Anti-Gang Career Day again this year. The program has been around for 3 years now and I really feel like the adults involved are doing good things for our youth headed in the wrong direction. The program’s main purpose is to provide delinquency prevention and gang intervention services for youth and families in Houston, Harris and surrounding counties.

This year, about 50 youth participants heard from panelists: including a professional athlete, a musician, graphic artist, fire fighter, police officer, youth service counselor and an elected official. The kids weren’t just “talked TO” … they were allowed to ask career questions and mingle afterward.

Picture blurred for privacy of individuals.

The event also featured vendors from area colleges and universities, businesses, the armed forces, and the Houston Fire Department.

“Each of our panelists has a unique story, so we encourage them to share the life experiences they faced – good or bad – that got them where they are today,” said Patricia Harrington, Director of the Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office.  “It reinforces to young people that any obstacle can be faced.”

Panelist answering questions.

Before I left, I asked the counselors why the kids join gangs and they said, “Because it’s the lifestyle they are raised in.” The kids admitted to me that they, “don’t have hope.” But, the people that you see in the picture above are trying to change that. They took time out of their busy schedules to show the kids firsthand, that there IS hope and that people DO care about them. I saw some of the same kids that I had seen in previous years and that worried me. One of the counselors told me that some enjoy coming back to this summer program though. It’s something positive, it gives them a sense of belonging and it keeps them out of trouble, I’m told. I was happy to hear.

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  1. Excellent job Princess! Outstanding, only if there was more promotion of this events so they can reach out more and more kids that don’t know where to go for help.

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