Back To School: Traffic Tips (Wednesday)

Today’s question about cell phone usage was a popular one and one that took SEVERAL calls to get REAL clarity on. Please know that the following questions and answers are merely to inform you and not to promote driving while talking on a cell phone. For the safety of children and for the safety of yourself, you should always make the safest decision possible at all times.

A: According to HPD & HISD Police, they are not ticketing because signs are not up yet. But in the city of Bellaire where “No Cell Phone Usage” signs are up, they say that the law is in affect with the active school day. Example: On a Saturday, if you were talking on your cell phone in the City of Bellaire, their police would not ticket you.

A: HISD police officers may arrest people who disobey the law and issue citations both on and off campus within their jurisdiction. (They are commissioned by the State of Texas.)

Tune in tomorrow for another round of Back-To-School Safety Questions!

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