610 North Loop

(As of 4/13/10)

The IH 610 North Loop project limits are from Ella to IH 45. The project consists of three phases. We are currently in Phase Two which consists of rebuilding the north side of the freeway. Phase Three will consist of constructing the south side of the freeway. On Phase 4 contractors will construct both the eastbound and westbound frontage road and some intersections. Phase One moved the east and westbound mainlanes to the outside shoulders, allowing contractors to work on the inside and middle of the freeway.
Estimated duration of project: June 2011

The IH 610 eastbound entrance ramp from North Main was closed on November 16th. It will remain closed for the duration of the IH 610 project which will be about 3 years. It is a safety issue. TxDOT feels that by closing the ramp it will help prevent last minute crisscross traffic between motorists that want to go IH 45 N and motorists on IH 610 who want to go IH 45 south. The detour: use the Airline exit and continue north until you hit IH 45. To go IH 610 eastbound continue on IH 45 and u-turn at Calvacade.

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