Decorating a Cake for Charity

Bringing Hope to the Table : 3…2…1 CAKE OFF!!!

Every year, Kroger and The Houston Food Bank work together to raise money to feed those in need. They put on a fun event; pairing up local “celebrities” with Kroger pastry chef’s to decorate cakes. This year (June 8th) there were 8 participants.

Brian Greene, Tom Zizka, Sibila Vargas, Jen Reyna, Mariana Pineda

We were given cake decorating supplies, a thick white sheet cake, an apron and gloves. We had thirty minutes to decorate with a Hope and Happiness theme or a Houston Food Bank theme.

My pastry chef is holding the cake steady for me.

A $1000 check was awarded – Here’s the winning cake

First Place

The $1000 was donated to The Houston Food Bank as well as money made from marked items in Kroger stores, bought by everyone during the month.

Sibila Vargas (FOX), pastry chef, Jen Reyna (NBC), Mariana Pineda (Univision)

As you can see I’m still working on my cake decorating skills…but I did win. First place for “best use of spacial relations.” At least the judges had a great sense of humor.

Decorating a cake for a GREAT cause...

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