I-10East & 45 Gulf (Construction)

(INFO AS OF 3/25/2010)


We are currently on the second of three phases for IH 10 construction in the downtown area.  Phase One (eastbound) from Houston Avenue to San Jacinto Street lasted three months and Phase Two (westbound) will also take three months barring any unforeseen circumstances such as weather.  Contractors are set to complete Phase Two on April 24th.

Phase Three from San Jacinto to US 59 will take a year and will start once Phase Two has been completed.

The project timeline is 18 months with construction beginning on November 1, 2009. That means that construction will end in this area by May 2011.

IH 45 Gulf

The project currently working on IH 45 begins at the Medical Center to .48 miles south of NASA Road 1. IH 45 is being widened to 10 mainlanes (5 northbound and 5 southbound) and will also have 3 frontage road lanes on each side.  This work is scheduled to wrap up around June.  We are currently working on completing the last of the southbound mainlanes from Bay Area Blvd. to NASA Road 1.

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