Missouri City Improvements

The 11-month-long project to completely replace a two-mile stretch of Turtle Creek Drive from Texas Parkway to Mission Valley is now substantially complete. 

“The existing road was old and had reached the end of its life span,” explained Project Manager Valerie Ruda, of the Missouri City Public Works Department. “The road has been reconfigured with safety in mind, the sidewalks are now smooth and level and the new road should last another 25 years.”

The improvements to Turtle Creek Drive included:

*Realigning Turtle Creek through Roane Park, so all practice fields are on the same side of the road, ensuring safety for families in the park.

*Creating more parking spaces and adding a new football field

*Reconstructing the bridge over Mustang Bayou

*Constructing additional storm water run-off for better drainage

*Reconstructing sidewalk and wheelchair ramps in the area. 

The $3.7 million project was funded through a 2003 voter-approved bond issue. 

In addition, work is also ongoing on several major intersections. The project includes traffic signal upgrades and additional turning lanes at these locations: 

*Murphy Road at Lexington & Cartwright Road

*State Highway 6 at Glenn Lakes & Murphy Road 

Work on the two intersections at Murphy Road is under way and should take about two months to complete.

After work at those two intersections is finished, improvements will begin along Highway 6 this summer. The intersections at Highway 6 and Glenn Lakes and Highway 6 and Murphy Road will be improved. Raised medians will then be placed along Highway 6 between those two intersections.

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