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April 30, 2010

Motorists across Texas will see a new safety message this Friday on highway signs around the state-a message that encourages citizens to pay attention and eliminate distractions while driving. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage drivers to give up texting or talking on cell phones while driving. 

** Motorists who use hand-held devices are four times more likely to be involved in a vehicle crash.

** Distracted driving resulted in 103,526 crashes in Texas in 2008.     Motorists are considered distracted when the driver is talking or texting on a cell phone, conversing with passengers, eating, smoking, manipulating dashboard controls or reaching for something inside the vehicle.

** There were 524 deaths in Texas in 2008 because of driver distraction.

** According to a 2008 NHTSA report, 5,870 people died and 515,000 were injured nationwide in crashes involving a distracted or inattentive driver. The under-20 age group had the highest number of distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes-16 percent-with the 20-29 year-old group posting the next highest numbers at 12 percent.

** And, a 2009 Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) study found that 44 percent of teens text while driving and 49 percent talk on a cell phone.

** The statewide messages will remind drivers that April 30 is a no phone zone day, but we hope that all Texans will think about putting away the cell phones every time they get behind the wheel-not just on April 30.

April 22, 2010

I emceed a spring luncheon for The Gathering Place yesterday…which is an organization that helps adults with mental illness. They’re funded by private donations – from contributions given by people like you and me. Money given goes to help in so many ways…to shuttle their patients around the city, to put together activities and other day-to-day expenses that help the mentally ill feel less alone in life. If this is a cause that you’d like to give to :

The Houston Country Club

Mental illness is a difficult thing for “others” to understand or even recognize. But, can you imagine knowing that you are different inside…with your thinking or brain activity, but not be able to control it or know what to do? There are people that feel “trapped” everyday within their own skin – a very tough thing to deal with in life. And this is why I fully support causes/organizations which fund research and help those suffering. -Jennifer

You can find more pictures of community events that I support on MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE:

Heights: Viewer Mail
April 21, 2010

Q: Hi Jennifer.  Please let us know if you know anything about a rumored street closure of Shepherd/Durham just north of 610N (not the freeway/ramp closure but the street(s) themselves).  Need to know how far up Shepherd (north) they plan to detour/close.  

Houston Heights families are thankful for any info you can give us.  Thanks!

Kelly R.

A:  TxDot contractor did some work this past weekend at Shepherd/Durham intersection under IH 610.  This work is complete.  This weekend TxDot will be closing Yale intersection to work on the bridge.  The extend of the closure is only under IH 610.  Traffic will be able to turn right onto IH 610 frontage road.  They will not be able to go N/S but they will be able to turn right and U-turn back.  -TxDOT

Bay Area Exit: Viewer Email
April 21, 2010

Q: Jennifer,

Will you please see if you can find out when the Bay Area Blvd exit off I-45 N in Webster will open? Thank you.

I enjoy watching your traffic reports in the morning and other reporting you do in the field, not related to traffic.

Frank S.

A: TxDOT expects to open that exit at the end of this month. (April 2010) So very soon!

Fresh Air Friday
April 16, 2010

I will be emceeing Fresh Air Friday (TODAY) at Jones Plaza from 11am – 1pm. I hope to see you there!!

For more info :


FRESH AIR FRIDAY: Jones Plaza, Downtown

Jennifer Reyna and Harris County, Judge Ed Emmett

Stephen Richard Trio: Jazz Band

I-10East & 45 Gulf (Construction)
April 9, 2010

(INFO AS OF 3/25/2010)


We are currently on the second of three phases for IH 10 construction in the downtown area.  Phase One (eastbound) from Houston Avenue to San Jacinto Street lasted three months and Phase Two (westbound) will also take three months barring any unforeseen circumstances such as weather.  Contractors are set to complete Phase Two on April 24th.

Phase Three from San Jacinto to US 59 will take a year and will start once Phase Two has been completed.

The project timeline is 18 months with construction beginning on November 1, 2009. That means that construction will end in this area by May 2011.

IH 45 Gulf

The project currently working on IH 45 begins at the Medical Center to .48 miles south of NASA Road 1. IH 45 is being widened to 10 mainlanes (5 northbound and 5 southbound) and will also have 3 frontage road lanes on each side.  This work is scheduled to wrap up around June.  We are currently working on completing the last of the southbound mainlanes from Bay Area Blvd. to NASA Road 1.

Missouri City Improvements
April 2, 2010

The 11-month-long project to completely replace a two-mile stretch of Turtle Creek Drive from Texas Parkway to Mission Valley is now substantially complete. 

“The existing road was old and had reached the end of its life span,” explained Project Manager Valerie Ruda, of the Missouri City Public Works Department. “The road has been reconfigured with safety in mind, the sidewalks are now smooth and level and the new road should last another 25 years.”

The improvements to Turtle Creek Drive included:

*Realigning Turtle Creek through Roane Park, so all practice fields are on the same side of the road, ensuring safety for families in the park.

*Creating more parking spaces and adding a new football field

*Reconstructing the bridge over Mustang Bayou

*Constructing additional storm water run-off for better drainage

*Reconstructing sidewalk and wheelchair ramps in the area. 

The $3.7 million project was funded through a 2003 voter-approved bond issue. 

In addition, work is also ongoing on several major intersections. The project includes traffic signal upgrades and additional turning lanes at these locations: 

*Murphy Road at Lexington & Cartwright Road

*State Highway 6 at Glenn Lakes & Murphy Road 

Work on the two intersections at Murphy Road is under way and should take about two months to complete.

After work at those two intersections is finished, improvements will begin along Highway 6 this summer. The intersections at Highway 6 and Glenn Lakes and Highway 6 and Murphy Road will be improved. Raised medians will then be placed along Highway 6 between those two intersections.