Staying Fit w/Rock Climbing

It was nine o’clock in the morning and I was done with the first half of my day…reporting traffic. It was off to a place called Outdoor Escape, a company which builds rock climbing walls. The sport is helping kids stay in shape by giving them an alternative to “regular” sports; ya know, football, basketball, baseball, etc.

JT and Jen deciding on what to shoot next.

I toured the small facility…looking at steel laid on its side, welding going on which would soon be sprayed with cement, stained, delivered to schools, private gyms or whoever wants to pay $15,000-$115,000 for a wall.

Outdoor Escape-Reese W., Steven G. and Jen

Come to find out, you can rent a wall. Use it for a fundraiser, outdoor activity, etc. After touring Outdoor Escape, my photographer and I went to Westbury High School b/c they are one of four schools in HISD to have a wall up. An ROTC class of children walked in. They started strapping on harnesses, talking to us on camera and doing what kids do in gym…watching their peers and cheering them on.

Time to let go of the rope...(Westbury High School)

After hearing about the fitness part of rock climbing, I had to give it a GO. After all, the students were wondering if I was going to join them. So, a quick change of clothes and I was ready to grab onto the first hold.

Reaching for the top! (20 foot rock climbing wall)

I can see how the kids stay fit and have fun! Pulling your own body weight up and hugging the rock takes strength. You can see the full story below:

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