Friday’s Frigid Temps

It didn’t just FEEL “freezing cold” this Friday morning, it WAS…I was trying to stay as warm as possible. We have this heater, so kindly donated by Andy Patterson (a long time employee at Local 2, who works in Production). That heater keeps us very happy in the traffic center. It must have read 77 degrees today; working overtime. Then had to swing by Anthony’s desk to see what the temps were outside. Twenty-WHAT?!? So, I was in no rush to leave the building. Oh wait, 9:15am and I’m done – on a Friday – hellooooo, time to make a run for the car in my long jacket/scarf/gloves. 🙂

Still trying to get rid of an annoying deep cough that I have had for a few days. Thanks for sharing your tips/cures with me on my Facebook Page. You can see another traffic/weather picture posted exclusively on FB, as well. Stay warm!

Hey cold is it??!

(Bbbrrr) Heater at my feet

Floor Dir/Camera Operator, Matt Kennedy counts me down; in 3...2...1

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