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METRO Adds Service To West Side
January 28, 2010


Metro/Energy Corridor



METRO has joined the Energy Corridor District to launch the 75 Energy Corridor Connector, starting Monday, Jan. 25, 2010.

This new service, which runs along Eldridge between the Katy Freeway and Westheimer, provides employees and residents who live and work in the Energy Corridor District with a quick, convenient ride to stores, restaurants and businesses along the route.

Energy Corridor District employees who live in the downtown and midtown areas can connect to the 75 Energy Corridor Connector by riding the 228 Addicks and 229 Kingsland/Addicks from the Central Business District to the Addicks Park & Ride. The Connector also links with popular routes like the 82 Westheimer and the 131 Memorial.

Service will run every 15 minutes, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and every 10 minutes from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m

At the METRO, Energy Corridor, Ceremony

Career Day: Dulles Middle School
January 28, 2010

Last Friday, I participated in Dulles Middle School’s Career Day. It wasn’t just ANY career day. These children were pretty fortunate! A room FULL of forty professionals went to speak to the children. The students rotated classrooms….listening to what each career was about and also asked questions. Most students were pretty quiet, some already “knew” what they were going to do and others had a blank stare. Hopefully, our visit gave inspiration to a future generation.

Dulles Middle School Career Day (2010)

All of the professionals gearing up for Career Day.

Traffic Anchor/Reporter and Traffic Engineer

TEAM TIARA Tackles Breast Cancer
January 21, 2010

We are still a world fighting breast cancer. Meet Team Tiara, a group of 44 women (as of today) who find every way possible to raise funds in order to increase breast cancer research. I had the chance to meet five of them…five lovely ladies and a 3X cancer survivor! I’ll never forget them.

Five Members of Team Tiara (Fairfield; Cypress, Texas)

This group formed in 2006 and raised $6,600 their first year. Four years later with the help of their friends, family, church and complete strangers…they’ve raised over $270,000! Their goal is to raise another $250,000 and to recruit at least 60 more “walkers.” If you are interested in joining their cause head to .

Wendel, KPRC Photographer and I getting the scoop on the flamingos from D'Lyn Biggs, Team Tiara Captain.

According to Susan G Komen for the Cure, Factsheet (2009), a woman dies every 68 seconds from breast cancer. That is unbelievable! Speaking of unbelievable…I met Kathy Archer, a 3X cancer SURVIVOR. She is currently cancer free but had to battle breast cancer twice! I felt her strength. She was extremely calm and quite happy, too. She spends time with her grandchildren, quilting…teaching them the importance of giving and the importance of quality time with family. I wish her a continued cancer-free life.

Jen, Sami (granddaughter), Kathy Archer (3X cancer survivor)

If you or someone you know quilts…Team Tiara needs your help. They are trying to collect 25 quilts in total by March 21st so that a quilt calendar can be printed and sold by Mother’s Day. Proceeds will go to research, of course.

Quilts for the quilt calendar. Money raised goes to breast cancer research.

Here’s the story:

Help Haiti
January 19, 2010

It’s absolutely heart-breaking to watch news coverage from Haiti’s earthquake and destruction. While the survivor stories are incredible…pictures of the wreckage seem like a terrible nightmare…a movie…simply unreal. This past weekend I watched a lot of the cable news coverage. I thought – “Wow, even these experienced journalists had a look of utter shock and dismay at the horror they were witnessing.” Overall, amazing work from the people I study.  

Of course, I couldn’t help but to think about the “luxuries” in my own life; like reaching in the refrigerator and pouring a fresh glass of water; tossing clothes in my washing machine; flossing my teeth.  I’m sure it’s crossed your mind, too. 

I like many of you are wondering…what is the best way to help? Some have emailed me asking if blood donations are needed for those in Haiti. I contacted The Blood Center here in town and this is what they said:

To date, we have not been asked to support the Haitian relief effort by hosting blood drives.  The U.S. Armed Services Blood Program and the American Red Cross are responding to the blood needs of earthquake victims in Haiti and have indicated that the need is currently being met. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is prepared to help if needed, but at this time is not being asked to assist with the blood supply for Haiti.

-Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

On ways you can help now, click on this link:

FM 1960: Roadwork Begins
January 15, 2010


Work will begin, Monday, January 18, 2010, on the FM 1960 access management project. Mobility and safety improvements include construction of raised curbed medians and striping along eight miles of FM 1960, from just west of SH 249 to west of IH 45-North Freeway, where the average daily traffic count is approximately 65,000 vehicles.  In addition, signal enhancements will be made at the intersections of Champions, Stuebner Airline and Ella to modernize traffic signal detection and traffic signal controllers to improve mobility and safety along the corridor.

Access Management is the systematic control of the location, design and operation of median openings; it helps to ensure roadways operate efficiently.  The FM 1960 Access Management Study, which began in March 2003 and involved three public meetings, recommended short range improvements of signal improvements, raised medians, channelized left turn bays, removal of signals and extension of left turn bays.

The Texas Transportation Commission awarded the construction project in August 2009 to SCR Construction Co., Inc., for $2.04 million. Work begins January 18, 2010, and will last approximately eight months.

Lane closures during the roadway portion will occur during non-peak hours in order to minimize the impact of construction to motorists and local businesses.  Routine nightly closures will take place as follows:

Sunday through Monday           8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Monday through Thursday        7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Friday                                      11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Saturday                                   None

Once work begins on the traffic signals, motorists can expect daytime lane closures, which will be necessary for crews to safely maneuver and operate their equipment.  Motorists can visit for a list of TxDOT’s scheduled lane closures.

Friday’s Frigid Temps
January 8, 2010

It didn’t just FEEL “freezing cold” this Friday morning, it WAS…I was trying to stay as warm as possible. We have this heater, so kindly donated by Andy Patterson (a long time employee at Local 2, who works in Production). That heater keeps us very happy in the traffic center. It must have read 77 degrees today; working overtime. Then had to swing by Anthony’s desk to see what the temps were outside. Twenty-WHAT?!? So, I was in no rush to leave the building. Oh wait, 9:15am and I’m done – on a Friday – hellooooo, time to make a run for the car in my long jacket/scarf/gloves. 🙂

Still trying to get rid of an annoying deep cough that I have had for a few days. Thanks for sharing your tips/cures with me on my Facebook Page. You can see another traffic/weather picture posted exclusively on FB, as well. Stay warm!

Hey cold is it??!

(Bbbrrr) Heater at my feet

Floor Dir/Camera Operator, Matt Kennedy counts me down; in 3...2...1