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Lunch w/Mike & Susan From KSBJ
December 16, 2009

Here’s something to be proud of…in 6-7 months, Mike has dropped around 38lbs! One day we were talking in between commercial breaks and he just said, “Hey Jen, I’m going to drop some weight. Yeah, I’m shooting for 2 lbs a week.”

He made it sound so easy and I could just hear the confidence in his voice. It was very ‘matter of fact’ like. And from that day forward, he didn’t look back. Weight watcher points was part of the secret and the other might have been the fact that he mentioned it on-air to thousands of people. Uh-oh, accountability on the line! He would update me every 2 weeks or so; never heard him frustrated even if he hadn’t lost any weight that week.

After a few months, I told him that I wouldn’t be able to recognize him, haha. So, we scheduled lunch in celebration of over 30 lbs that he’s shed. WAY TO GO, BUDDY!

Mike's BEFORE picture during Open House, May '09. (KSBJ Studio)

Yes, it was planned – We were excited to take a BEFORE AND AFTER picture and tried to get the photos to look as similar as possible; nice job, right?

Mike's AFTER picture, Dec. '09...38lbs lighter! (KSBJ Studio)

All of us after lunch at Pappasitos. (Susan, Jen, Mike)

Snow Pictures
December 7, 2009

My regret…not taking any pictures in the snow. What is wrong with me??! It was Friday, what can I say. Anyway, thanks to you all for taking a million and sharing with us. Here are a few of my favs-

Loved the peacefulness and depth of this photo. Needville - (Anna Moore)

"That snowflake just hit my eye." (Sheldon Donaghy, near Hobby Airport)

Believe it or not...Pearland, Texas.

Snowball fights!!! (Cristo Rey Jesuit)

"Wow, what is this cold stuff?" (Amanda Butcher's son)

December 4th, began snowing around 10am in the Houston area.

Interesting Facts About Snow
December 4, 2009

Snow In The Houston Area (Dec 4, 2009)

(Source: Interesting facts and National Snow and Ice Data Center)

If the weather get cold enough that it doesn’t snow! Because snow is frozen water, if there are not enough water droplets in the air it can’t snow.

Snow is not white, is actually clear/transparent.

The largest snowflakes in the world fell across Fort Keogh in Montana (USA) on 28 January 1887.

Snow is technically a mineral, like iron and salt.

The snow in Antarctica is mostly so hard and flat that it reflects sound as well as light.

Practically every location in the United States has seen snowfall. Even most portions of southern Florida have seen a few snow flurries.

East Early College HS
December 2, 2009

If you are a parent…wondering how you’ll afford for your child to go to college, this story is for you. It’s an opportunity that could change your child’s future.

[One correction to the piece, John Castillo is Leonel’s brother-in-law]

A ribbon-cutting ceremony in the East End of Houston(2nd Ward) was held to congratulate those who dedicated their time and effort toward this special campus.