Alana Gomez Dong

Today was Alana Gomez Dong’s last day at KPRC…she’s heading to Boston. We wish her the best!

I finally made it out to a going away party. Usually, I am sleeping when they are going on. Cafe Adobe, good times.

Amanda, Jen, Tanya, Alana, Mia, Erica, Amy (L to R)

Amanda used to work the morning shift; I still see her in the newsroom at times typing away. Tanya works the 10, so it’s great when we have functions like this b/c we get to mingle with co-workers from different day shifts. Mia, great producer for our morning show! Erica gets the 6 going everyday and I found out that she enjoys putting on functions like this. Fits her personality. Amy…well, you all are used to seeing her get down to business with the investigative team. Here, she’s all smiles.

Jen, Phil, Alana, Erica (L to R)

For the record, Phil Archer does not have a double chin. Let’s blame it on lighting…ok the photographer…how about his sheer joy?

Rebecca, Carl, Alana, Jen (L to R)

Alright, who took this picture again? They said, “yeah Jen you REALLY need to squeeze in….tighter….” HUH? I had plenty of room. Just making me cramp Alana. :-/

Jen, Brian, Alana, James (L to R)

Brian Wice, our legal analyst – back on board with KPRC. James, one of the nicest photographers in the business.

Mary was snapping away with photos. Check out her Facebook Page and her blog.

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  1. yay! the back of me. always a great shot. lol.

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