290 Northwest Frwy: Construction begins…

Northwest Frwy/Highway 290

Improvements Begin on US 290 HOUSTON –

Work has begun on the first of two projects on US 290. The project consists of widening the existing pavement to add extra lanes on the US 290 eastbound and westbound mainlanes between West Little York and Fairbanks N. Houston, as well as re-striping the existing pavement to add additional lanes along the US 290 eastbound and westbound mainlanes between Jones Road and FM 529. Crews will also widen the westbound approach to Senate Avenue to create combined u-turn and left-turn storage at the intersection. Once complete, the extra lanes will alleviate traffic congestion by providing motorists with improved access to/from the US 290 mainlanes. Crews began installing barricades and signing; work on the US 290 mainlanes is anticipated to begin in the coming weeks. Work on the proposed improvements is anticipated to take approximately 6 months to complete. Motorists are advised to anticipate temporary lane reductions on the US 290 westbound frontage road to accommodate the intersection improvements, as well as extended shoulder closures and nightly mainlane closures along the US 290 eastbound and westbound mainlanes. 

Though independent of the reconstruction planned as a part of the US 290/Hempstead Corridor Program, these projects are important first steps in providing immediate relief to the traffic congestion on the Northwest Freeway.

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