Hwy 90 Construction

For those of you who live on the East Side…here’s the latest on The Crosby Freeway (Hwy 90). It will end up being a 6 to 7 miles stretch connecting to I-10East/610 (near the Budweiser Brewery) when everything is said and done, sometime next year.

(October 23rd – UPDATE)
The project is estimated to be complete February 2011.  The contractor is 70% complete; the majority of the mainlane and frontage road paving is complete.  The direct connectors to IH 10 are in and the majority of the bridges are built.

The project will reduce through traffic from IH 10, IH 610 and BW 8 and help reduce local traffic congestion, and increase safety of the overall system.  It also improves connectivity on the northeast quadrant of the city.  This will potentially reduce truck traffic on IH 10.   -TxDOT


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  1. How is it, that if they are 70% complete, it is still going to take them another year and 3 months to complete, I wonder?? That’s crazy! It should be done by Feb 2010, not 2011!! OH well, I know our poor little ol’ east side doesn’t get the same attention as most other parts of town!

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