What’s Happening On The North Loop?

I was JUST as surpised as you were to see construction barrels up on the 610 North Loop  blocking 2 right lanes this morning (Thurs. 17th).  I made a call to TxDOT and the answer is a bit long (read below).  -Jen


We have closed one right lane on the IH 610 North Loop mainlanes, westbound from IH 45 to Ella.  Workers will change the right shoulder into a through lane.  This will take approximately one week.  After that is complete, the westbound traffic will be shifted to the improved shoulder with three lanes open so the contractor can work in the middle of the freeway.  There were four through lanes out there originally and we are dropping one lane to three lanes.  It may look like two lanes in some areas since there are auxilliary lanes for entrance and exit ramps.

After the westbound side is complete, the contractor will begin work on the eastbound side using the same process.

This is a stimulus project and the cost is $28.8 million.  The contractor is Texas Sterling Construction Co.  It is expected to take 7 months (April 2010); this could change due to inclement weather.   – TxDot


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