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Wishful Thinking
August 31, 2009

Taken By: John Trujillo

Taken By: John Trujillo

Don’t we wish every morning in traffic looked THIS nice! Good luck tomorrow…I know a lot of you had to fight big traffic delays this Monday morning.-Jen

Traffic Cameras: Snapshot vs. Video
August 25, 2009



AY_TRAFFIC2_Transtar cam video

As much as we’d like to be able to provide streaming video to the public, the enormous hardware, bandwidth and manpower costs to provide this service for more than 600 cameras is just prohibitive.

It would also require a switch from our current Web architecture to an IP (Internet Protocol) system, and this would cost a great deal of money in addition to the above costs.

So at least for now, the snapshots are all we can provide.

Houston Transtar
Public Information Officer

Are You On Facebook?
August 19, 2009

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Greening Your Home: Low Income Assistance
August 18, 2009

Let us…HELP YOU:

The federally-funded Weatherization Assistance Program helps low-income persons control their home’s energy costs through FREE energy efficiency measures (professionals install insulation, caulking, new doors and more if you sign up with the program) and education.

To find out if you qualify :

To Apply: Harris County residents should call the 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE for more information. (Or 713-957-4357)

Hotshot Picture: 290 NW
August 15, 2009


I thought this was a good mix of peace and traffic.  Shot by Kim Lindsey August 8th at 290 and Mason Rd.  Love your show!  Randy Lindsey

I thought this was a good mix of peace and traffic. Shot by Kim Lindsey August 8th at 290 and Mason Rd. Love your show! Randy Lindsey

Kim/Randy – thanks for sharing the beautiful shot and Kim, please tell me that you were the passenger? 🙂 Thanks for waking up to us every morning. Be safe! -Jen

August 14, 2009

Notification of Capital Improvement Plan
Construction Project in the Sharpstown Area


  • Project Description: Hillcroft Ave Reconstruction from Bellaire Blvd. to Southwest Frwy (US59)
  • Construction Cost: $8,992,671.45

In order to keep pace with the growing needs of the community, the City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering will be improving the street, water lines, sewer lines, and drainage in the area described below. The contractor started work on July 7, 2009, and is scheduled to end on December 29, 2010. You may not see any activity by the contractor for several weeks after the construction time has begun. This is due to the contractor getting prepared to perform work which includes procurement of materials and equipment, setting up staging areas or working in other areas in the project.

This One Is For Teachers/Staff…
August 11, 2009

Is your school district watching out for THEIR funds and YOUR job? Less pink slips are being handed out thanks to cost cutting upgrades.

Upcoming Event: Anti-Gang Career Day
August 3, 2009

Moderated by Jennifer Reyna of KPRC TV

The City of Houston Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office will host a youth career day on Thursday, August 6 from 10 am until 12 noon at Ripley House, 4410 Navigation. As part of the Anti-Gang Office’s summer youth enrichment program, this is the second year the event has been held.  About 50 youth participants from all over the city will hear from ten panelists that include Hilton Koch of Hilton Furniture, professional boxer Juan Diaz, Houston City Council Member Wanda Adams, and Peter Difilippantonio, CEO of

“Each of our panelists has a unique story, so we encourage them to share the life experiences they faced – good or bad – that got them where they are today,” said Patricia Harrington, Director of the Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office.  “It reinforces to young people that any obstacle can be faced.”

In addition to learning about the various professions of the panelists, participants will also receive information on the types of jobs that will be most in demand within the next five to ten years and how to plan for education and training for those positions.

The Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office provides delinquency prevention and gang intervention services for youth and families in Houston, Harris and surrounding counties.

I’m excited to be a part of the Anti-Gang Career Day for the 2nd year in a row. If you search my blog entries you can find pictures from last year. I hope to follow up with some of the children and bring you results of the impact our day had on them. For this year, our focus is to answer questions and talk with troubled teens about their future. I love working in this area because it is such a crucial time in people’s lives…it gives us the ability to really change one’s journey. It’s never too late to reach out. -Jen

Power In The Palm Of Your Hand
August 2, 2009

I walked into T Mobile recently…only to find out that they are responding to Apple’s iPhone with the My Touch 3G, launching in days. With a data plan you can have immediate access to a Houston traffic map AND GET THIS…Houston Transtar Cameras showing live pictures of traffic!!! (Thanks Dylan S. for pointing that out) I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise…technology has gone “there.” So, will we even see traffic anchors in 5 years…10 years…20 years?

My Touch 3G / iPhone

My Touch 3G / iPhone

Which brings me to my next point…I began to wonder about technology increase and job decrease over the past decade as a whole. In search of hard data and real numbers…I found this article (and many more).;col1

The article is long and goes in-depth, but I found these interesting points and I quote:

Whereas historically new technologies often took a generation for their impact to be fully felt–the internal combustion engine for example–this is not so with IT and the Internet; their influence has been almost immediate. – Gene Huang, chief economist at Federal Express

I think the ‘speed of change’ makes it harder to predict what jobs will be here and what jobs will be totally wiped out with the advancement of technology. Take away point: prepare yourself with skills that you can take across markets. As a matter of fact, I just reported on a story of a gentleman that changed sectors after working in his field for 25 years! This type of story is not new, but it seems to be happening more often.