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Viewer Mail: Shepherd Curve
June 29, 2009

Q: About I-45 North Freeway and Shepherd

A: Here’s what we’ve gathered…

The left shoulder ends right after that curve. So not only do people have to take a little curve, but some people really dont like driving next to the cement walls. As you know…it only take one or two slow moving cars or persons trying to change lanes at the last minute…to slow things down for everyone.


City of La Marque
June 22, 2009

The City of La Marque celebrated the initiation of scheduled transit service within La Marque…

Known as the La Marque Connection, bus service runs every 45 minutes from 6:30 AM to 6:25 PM on weekdays.  Route destinations include: Food Rite Shopping Plaza, La Marque City Hall, La Marque Library, La Marque High School, Kroger, College of the Mainland Senior Center, Gulfgate Mall, Wal-Mart and the Galveston Health District.

Free transfers between La Marque Connection (blue route) and Texas Connect, both Eastbound and Westbound (orange routes) will occur every 45 minutes at the Food Rite Plaza shopping center beginning at 6:30 AM with the final transfer occurring at 5:45 PM.

Free fares will be in effect on all routes through July 31, 2009 to let persons try the service.  Starting August 1, 2009, the fare will be $1.00 and $.50 for seniors, students and persons with disabilities.

The new transit service will provide residents with an inexpensive alternative to the increasing price of gas and a way to get to work, go to school, access medical appointments, shopping and recreation. As part of Mainland Transit, the new regional transit service in Texas City and La Marque, the La Marque Connection will provide greater mobility options for La Marque residents throughout the region.

Viewer Mail: Westpark Tollway
June 19, 2009

Q: About the Westpark Tollway

There is construction on the Westpark Tollway between Eldridge and Old Westheimer (Houston Center Blvd) until March 2010.  Do you know what they are actually doing? Why will it take that long?

West Houston

A: Here’s what we found out…

The construction work between Eldridge and Houston Center Blvd. is being conducted to address some pavement and drainage maintenance issues on the roadway. The work started in March 2009 and will actually be completed by the end of July 2009. Your viewer probably read the orange and white construction sign currently on the roadway that reads “Construction begins March 20”. He may have only seen “March 20” and interpreted it as “March 2010”. But, the good news is the work will be completed by the end of July (next month).

Harris County Toll Road Authority


Wireless Safety Week:TAKE POLL
June 9, 2009

Wireless Safety Week, June 7-14, Promotes Wireless Safety on the Roadways

The results of the poll show that drivers here in Houston could do a better job of putting those cell phones away while driving. The risks simply are not worth the little reward.