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Hilton Hotel: Going Green
May 28, 2009

The Hilton-America Hotel, downtown is helping some of our area’s homeless with their eco-friendly initiative. I toured the kitchen and loading dock yesterday…to discover that what I thought was a PLASTIC to-go box…was not plastic at all. I couldn’t believe it! Check it out.

KSBJ Open House
May 27, 2009

This was earlier today…more pictures to come.

ksbj open house

Morning Team on KSBJ with Mike, Jen and Susan


ksbj open house_brittany and jen

Brittany Whatley (KSBJ Staff) and Jen. LOVE HER!
She took most of the pictures that you see.


Francesca Battistelli in concert

ksbj open house_signing

Signing autographs for such nice listeners!

How neat is this….?!
May 22, 2009

The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center had to rebuild their Mobile Operations Complex after a fire destroyed the original warehouse back in 2005.

The new facility isn’t “just a new building…” it has environmentally friendly features. Examples: Dual flush toilets – why did it take so long for this concept to hit the streets? AND sky lights – it really did bring about a different feel.

The neatest had nothing to do with the building…wildflower paper. Play the clip; you’ll understand.

Jen Will Attend KSBJ Open House
May 20, 2009

(From KSBJ Website) open house

As you may have heard, KSBJ has been under-construction since January 2009 with 1st floor renovations and the build-out of the 2nd floor. At 90% completion, we are excited to see the installation of the elevator and delivery of our furniture right around the corner. To celebrate the completion of our expansion, KSBJ is inviting our listeners to an Open House on Tuesday, May 26 from 9 a.m. – noon to be held at 1722 Treble Dr., Humble, TX 77338. To read more head to:

Believe it or not – I’ve never seen the studio, despite the fact that I work for KSBJ. Next Tuesday (after the holiday wkend), I’ll be dropping by around 9am to spend the morning there. By the way, if you plan on attending…there’s an RSVP link that you’ll need to go to. I look forward to seeing you. -Jen

Starlight Gala
May 19, 2009

Jennifer Reyna, Mistress of Ceremonies for The 2009 Starlight Gala

Here’s the news clip that ran Friday night as I emceed the 14th Annual Starlight Gala. The black-tie event took place at the beautiful Rice Hotel overlooking downtown.

I had a pleasant evening…meeting wonderful people who’s lives will forever be altered due to their illnesses. I met a father who had survived two different types of cancer. I couldn’t imagine what it had been like to hear the diagnoses and go through treatments – twice! He looked great though. I met a best friend who knew what it was like to have her friend go through treatment at a hospital. She shared a beautiful slide show and story with us. There were family members and supporters in attendance as well.

The goal of Starlight Gala Houston is to cultivate the next generation of Houston community leaders while raising money for the American Cancer Society. This year, Starlight Gala broke records bringing in more than $125,000 for a grand total of over $1.4 million since its inception! But, more research is needed. To make a donation and to help find a cure please visit:

It was a great honor for me to host such an important event. I hope that one day, we conquer cancer.

jen.jen. kristen _starlight gala

Jennifer Walker (ACS), Jen and Kristen Belote (Event Chair)

jen_jen starlgith gala_chocolate

The Jennifers…enjoying dessert, of course!

jen, jen starlight gala

Jennifer Walker (ACS), Jhonathan Shaikh (cancer survivor & scholarship recipient) and Jen

Jen Will Emcee …
May 11, 2009

This Friday, I have the pleasure of being a part of the 14th Annual Starlight Gala. The event raises money for the American Cancer Society. Tickets are still available…and you can always make a donation. Head to: entry for more information.

Keep an eye on my blog and Facebook page for a write-up and pictures.

Houston Grand Opera
May 6, 2009

When you think of show business…theater, plays, operas or other art forms…you probably think “New York or LA,” right?

Did you know though–that The Houston Theater District is ranked second in the nation for the number of theater seats in a concentrated downtown area and is one of only five cities with permanent professional resident companies in all of the major performing arts disciplines of opera, ballet, music, and theater.


Last weekend, I saw Rigoletto, an opera sung entirely in Italian. It’s also a classic, based on a play written and performed back in the 1850’s in Europe.

“It is one of the most enduring operas in the repertory. Its title role is regarded as one of the most demanding ever written for a baritone, both musically and dramatically,” according to The Houston Theater District


Controversy surrounded the play back in the mid 1800’s:

The opera, originally titled La maledizione (The Curse), was faithful to the play’s basic story line, but the Italian censors found the libretto so shocking that they demanded changes; Hugo’s play had shocked the French as well and had to be withdrawn after only two performances. The censors were particularly concerned with the story’s unflattering portrait of King Frances I, (as an immoral and cynical womanizer), which they feared would provoke subversive behavior. To fictionalize the story, the locale was moved to Italy, the King was reduced in rank to a duke and the jester’s name was changed to Rigoletto (from the French rigoler, “to laugh”).


Almost washed out with the flash, but you get the idea. 🙂

Have you seen a great performance lately? Email me ( or share with others…which events around town are too good to miss.

H6: Monday Morning
May 4, 2009

H6 in Bear Creek is open for your Monday ride into work.

Please stay close to your news/traffic though because THAT could change. Here’s why…The Army Corps of Engineers is still releasing water from the Barker Cypress and Addicks Reservoirs and purposely flooding H6. I’ll get the latest by 9am. Expect an update to this blog posting today.

Cinco De Mayo Parade
May 3, 2009

LULAC put on the 17th Annual Cinco de Mayo Parade which took place near Minute Maid Park, Saturday morning (5/2/09). 

This year they had Glenn Martinez, a newly signed Wide Receiver for the Houston Texans, and Hometown Featherweight Boxer Ricardo “ Rocky” Juarez as Grand Marshals. KPRC was near the front of the parade. Here are some of the pictures that I snapped…


Gary Wann (KPRC-Promotions) and Jen


Kim Davis, Mariza Reyes, Jen(front) and Robert Arnold (back)




Precinct 2 Commissioner, Sylvia Garcia