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Today: Salute To Our Troops
March 18, 2009

TODAY (Wednesday 3/18)
3:30pm – 6:00pm
Outdoor Stage (Reliant Park /Carnival)

Join us in celebration and tribute to our troops and their families. Open invitation to the public, military and their families, veterans, discharged military, rodeo committees and committeemen.

I will co-host the event along with my friend, Outlaw Dave. If you have plans to attend the rodeo, then you are basically there. So stop by. Any questions, email me. Hope to see you.

Houston Rodeo
March 11, 2009

 One of my favorite parts of the rodeo is being around the animals. 





More “my size” with the calf.


The pigs were restless and wanted out of the pins. I noticed that one of the owners brought murky water to the pigs. So, i asked her about it. She said that they combine additives/sugars in the water to give the pigs energy.


Trace Adkins in concert: Did you know that he lost a finger and doctors had to put it back on…or that he was shot by an ex-wife? interesting tid bits, i’d say. As for his career…he was discovered in a “honky tonk bar.”  (all according to wikipedia)


Mechanically milking cows; an amazing sight for a city-girl.


I found this to be ironic: a sheep covered in wool.





13 piglets just hours old; one tired mom!

Celebrity Goat Milking Contest
March 10, 2009

If you are originally from Maine or Oregon, anywhere other than Texas really…I suppose a goat milking contest sounds like an odd event.  I decided to head over to Reliant to see the action for myself.  



It was all pretty basic…twenty-one local celebrities gathered to compete. So the big question was: did I get under a goat?? Nooo, I chickened out! Well, the real story is that I was just going to support Susan and Jon (89.3 FM KSBJ) whom had initally asked me to attend. The celebrity list had been filled weeks in advance. I was happy to just be a part of the fun…meeting Jan Carsen, Dana Tyson, Hunter Green, Pepito and seeing many other friends  in the industry was awesome! 




This year’s winner was well-known radio broadcaster and friend, Outlaw Dave  ( who took home the 1st place trophy. He had soooo much milk in his bucket that people wondered if he made a run to Starbucks!


For details and on the goat that kicked the bucket: click here

Watch video taken by The Houston Chronicle: click here

Fire Station 8 Visit
March 10, 2009

I visited Fire Station 8 (downtown) the other day. We were putting together a story about how our fire stations are “Going Green.” The pressure is on and our city is trying to catch up with ways to help the environment. Anchor, Rachel McNeill ended up reporting on the story. Go to our HOME page, scroll to the bottom and click on right corner entitled VIDEO, search for FIRE to see the entire story.