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Sports Radio 610
February 10, 2009

Tuesday, Feb. 17th, I will be visiting with Adam Clanton on Sports Radio 610 from 10-11am.  Tune in to hear what I am going to give Adam a hard time about…!
February 10, 2009

You can now watch ALL of our newscasts streaming live on Whether you are in town, out of town, or on the road, this is the easiest way to stay in tune with your favorite Houston newscast. Spread the news!


Pasadena: Park and Ride
February 7, 2009

Park and Ride service comes to Pasadena with anticipated April kick-off

When Pasadena’s new park and ride opens next month, commuters will have a new, convenient and inexpensive way to reach destinations in downtown Houston or the Medical Center. In addition, the City’s economic director, Paul Davis, said riders will get an added benefit for the first week the park and ride is open: free bus fare.

He said the projected date for it to be fully operational is set for Monday, April 6; if that date holds, the free week of riding would begin that day.

After that first week, fares will be the same as METRO’s other Zone 3 park and ride services, with a one-way fare currently set at $3.75. Patrons using the service will also be eligible to use METRO’s guaranteed ride home program and will be able to connect to other portions of the METRO system.

The park and ride’s buses will depart from the northern part of the Pasadena Town Square Mall parking area, located at Harris Road and Pasadena Boulevard. Riders who board the bus in this location can remain aboard to travel to destinations downtown, or can ride the bus to METRO’s Monroe park and ride, where they will transfer to another METRO bus for destinations in the Medical Center.

Service hours are from 5:45 a.m. until 7:25 a.m. and from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. with departures every 25 minutes, which are the times when commuters working downtown or the Medical Center are most likely to utilize bus services.

Davis said the new bus service is the result of a partnership between the City of Pasadena, Harris County and Houston METRO.

“This is going to be a great service for the residents of Pasadena,” Davis said. “The park and ride will offer people a cost-effective, easy way to get where they need to go. A trip downtown, for example, will cost only $3.75, and the rider will arrive to their destination in about 35 minutes.”

Funding for the park and ride will come from a combination of sources, including the Houston-Galveston Area Council, which will provide 75 percent of the funding through a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, and the Second Century Corporation, which will provide up to $35,000. METRO will build the bus shelter and do the striping. There is no tax obligation for the City.

Google: Predicting Traffic
February 6, 2009

Looks like I will be out of a job soon.

(ok, i’m kidding)

Google has added a feature to their maps that allows you to see what traffic will do on ANY given day, at ANY given time! How cool is that…especially if you are new to town, right? I have received several emails in the past asking if there is such a website or source. Well, now there is!

Benefitting TEW
February 3, 2009

Last Tuesday, January 27th, I spent the evening hosting the Grand Re-opening event of Michaelyndon’s Salon with over 300 people in attendance. Guests enjoyed mini make overs, neck massages and hair fluffing along with door prizes, raffle, drinks and lite bites. All proceeds went to benefit the scholarship fund of Texas Executive Women (TEW). TEW supports programs that recognize, develop and fund the advancement of women and girls in our community. Through its diverse membership, the organization works to inspire women and girls to achieve their goals and give back to the community.  Since TEW began its mentoring programs in 1993, it has touched the lives of more than 1,800 middle and high school girls throughout the greater Houston-area.


Michael Johnston(owner), Jen, Ellie Francisco, Gaye Lynn Orebaugh


Jen, Margo Snider (TEW), Michael Johnston(owner)


Jen and Tiffanie Williams (friend)


On a side note , if you are ever looking for a wonderful salon with an amazing team of beauty professionals…then you should stop by 5250 W Alabama (right behind The Galleria). Keep an eye out on Paper City, Health and Fitness and Houston Magazine for upcoming mention of the event.

Photos by: Daniel Ortiz

Super Bowl Show
February 2, 2009

Congrats to the Steelers!! Arizona…eewwh, so close!! Great game and yes, I did stay up to watch it. Here are my comments: I dont know what the Cards coach was thinking when they threw the pass before the half. The interception and run back for the touchdown by the Steelers was nice, I have to admit. The 4th quarter was awesome as the score went back and forth.  It was a disappointment to see Arizona give it all up with 2min 30 seconds left in the Championship Game. What an exciting ending!

We had our own excitement here at Channel 2. I hope you joined us yesterday morning because our show was a blast…we had the Willowridge High School band, the Texan Cheerleaders, chefs, one of the top jewelers in the world…Fred Cuellar, our awesome sports director, Randy McIlvoy and more…! Really, you shouldn’t have missed this one. Hello – TIVO!

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s show, if you missed it. 


4 of the Texan Cheerleaders joined us; (Vanessa, Erica, Cathy, Terri). I asked them what a game day was like, what they do when 70,000 people in the crowd are yelling and I asked about their calendar.


Jen with the founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, Fred Cuellar, who is one of the world’s top diamond experts. He has written four books including the number one selling book on diamonds in the country, How to Buy a Diamond. A big thanks to the signed copy he left for me to read.


Willowridge High School brought our morning show to life – for sure! What a treat. That’s me getting suited up with a tuba. Yes, it’s as heavy as it looks. FYI: A wearable tuba is called a sousaphone. Learn something new everyday!