KSBJ (89.3FM)-Jen returns to radio


It’s been a little over a month now, since I stepped back  into radio. I get to work with Mike and Susan on their morning show at 89.3FM, KSBJ.


Mike and Susan are SO fun to work with, but I don’t get to see them. They’re broadcasting from Humble, Texas in their KSBJ studios and I’m working from the KPRC building in Southwest Houston. Technology brings us all together though; I talk with them on-air using a mic that’s set up in an audio room close to my office. 

It took me a few days to adjust to the schedule. It can get really hectic now! I had to create a new work pace for my time deadlines. Instead of having about 7 minutes between reports, I now only have about 3 minutes to be accurate, versed and prepared for reports that are constantly changing. I also have to be flexible between tv and radio because the verbage is somewhat different. One minute I am talking to viewers who can see maps; the next I am speaking to people who are driving in their cars who have no visuals. 

There’s more leeway for conversation between Mike, Susan and I, too. That’s always interesting. Susan asked me the other day if I had mailed out my Christmas cards…Mike, in the past, has asked me about the traffic cameras and what all I can see…we’ll joke about the news too- light and funny for the ride to work. 

Well, here’s the link to their website; I just went through it. Feels like a breeze to browse through. Plus, they have a “search for lyrics” section…bios that you can read…songs playing now and more. http://www.ksbj.org/morning_show.php

So keep in mind that after watching KPRC Local 2 in the mornings, you can continue to stay up-to-date with traffic by listening to 89.3 FM, KSBJ. I begin reporting traffic on radio at 5:30AM through 8:45AM, every 15 minutes on the quarter hour.

One Response

  1. Hi Jennifer!
    I’m really glad to hear you covering the traffic on KSBJ now, as that is my favorite radio station, and channel 2 is my favorite local tv. I have watched you since you first started with KPRC and you have come so far! You really have blossomed into a top news anchor personality! And your so darn cute too! If I was’nt married….! Sorry but you are very attractive!
    Keep up the great work!

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