Toy Drive: A Success (2008)

Houstonians….YOU did it for us again! KPRC Local 2’s “Gift Drive” was a success! Here are the bare numbers…

* Over 700 children were able to receive a bag of gifts.

* Over 17 different agencies were able to participate.

* The same approximate amount of toys were collected as last year.

* A RECORD was set for Gift Cards and Paypal which is what we really asked you for in order to make an older child’s Christmas come true!

As you all know, there has been a lot of negative news regarding the economy. So, honestly….we didnt know what to expect for the amount of donations, but had hoped for the best.  I am proud of our viewers, for each and every one of you, who took the time and money to contribute during such an unstable year.

It took a dedicated team to make this all work out…take a look for yourself. Concerns over privacy limit what we can show you, so I have blurred parts of pictures, but there were lots of smiles in the room. Thanks again and may you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.



We heard that this little boy was asking for a stuffed animal. He came running up to me when he saw that I had a one for him.  You should have seen his eyes light up with joy!


I had to thank Santa. It gets HOT up there greeting all 700 children.


Here are just a few of the KPRC employees that helped out. Dozens more were there. Kim Davis is behind me. Ryan Korsgard has the blue Local 2 tee on. Bill Balleza is next to Santa. You can barely see, Gary Wann’s head near Bill. KSBJ was in attendance. Ben Oldham, John Rizzuti and his son also helped run things.


Alana Gomez-Dong (one of our newer reporters) and Ginny Landers (Promotions) lent a helping hand, too.

[There are other blog postings related to Season 2 Give showing our behind the scenes shoot for the promos and all responses from the viewers about the toy drive. Feel free to check those out too. ]

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  1. Jenn! great work and love the follow-up! i am so glad that even though the economy is bad there is some good news in the world today! i am the (former)DHL driver u intereviewed that morning first thing into the drive (Remember the big ole stuffed teddy bear?) and am happy that the children loved the hard work of all houstonians!! just wish i could have seen the faces as well…keep up the good work!

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