Katy Frwy:Saving you time (Take the poll)


I have included this poll because I want to know what you think! It’s important because millions of dollars were spent. So, please share your opinion with me. The results are always shared on-air as well. I have also included the entire news release, below. I was going to shorten the write-up…but decided to leave it as is because I found the information to be interesting.

“Texas Transportation Institute Completes a Review of Katy Freeway Travel Times and Speeds”

(Houston, Texas) – At the request of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) recently completed a review of travel times and speeds along the I-10/Katy Freeway. This initial analysis of commuter benefits relative to the recently completed expansion project reveals that drivers are saving significant time during roundtrip commutes between SH 99 and the I-610/West Loop when comparing traffic conditions in June 2008 to data collected during a recent review in November, particularly during peak time hours.

After opening the freeway in its full lane capacity at the end of October, commuters traveling the Katy Freeway corridor now save an average of 15 minutes of time during their morning commutes by increasing average travel speeds by 25 MPH, and save on average another 12 minutes of time during afternoon commutes by increasing average travel speeds by 19 MPH. “We are pleased about the recent survey results that tell us that drivers are saving as much as 40 – 45 minutes a day on their roundtrip commutes on the new and improved Katy Freeway,” says Delvin Dennis, TxDOT Houston District Engineer.

In June 2008, drivers were averaging speeds of 33 MPH and travel times of 36 minutes during morning commutes between SH 99 and the West Loop. Afternoon commutes were averaging 35 MPH with travel times of 34 minutes. With the completion of construction, morning commuters are now averaging speeds of 58 MPH and travel times of 21 minutes with afternoon commuters averaging 54 MPH and travel times of 22 minutes when traveling this same distance. This translates to almost 2 ½ hours per work week that commuters are given back valuable time to spend in other ways besides sitting in traffic.


2 Responses

  1. I will admit that the “new” Katy freeway saves me about 15 minutes per day on the average workday. Do I think that the money spent on the new freeway was in the best interest of getting the freeway moving? NO! They could have solved the Katy freeway traffic problems completely for years to come by making a single lane HOV on each side with room for vehicles to safely pass stalled vehicles and made the rest of the freeway normal “FREE” lanes. There is alot of wasted space along the dividers that separate the regular lanes from the HOV and the entrance and exit points to the HOV cause slow-downs because they are too short to allow drivers to maintain their speed and merge into what should be a normal flow of traffic.

    Why are the new HOV lanes closed on week-ends?

    The City of Houston goes to Austin to get emergency funding for the Katy Freeway expansion and then makes a massive tollroad. What started out as a plan to get the city moving has just become another way to collect the mighty dollar.

  2. I-10 is a good way to get home when i leave work but whats the deal with the stupid eztag thats what they got the beltway for pretty soon they are gonna make us pay to get on 45 or 290
    – Jay

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