Put Up Your Dukes

A few weeks ago, you may have heard me on the “Put Up Your Dukes with Carl Dukes” show on ESPN radio. I surprised Carl and his board-op Matt, by waltzing into their studio one afternoon (October 22nd).  Julie, their Assistant Program Director set the whole visit up and it worked out perfectly. We talked about the NFL’s crack down on dirty play.

The debate?…Well, the NFL commissioner has stepped up fines for unnecessary roughness to make the game as safe as possible. While a lot of people agree that there is a clear need to curb some of the more dangerous hits in football, fans also want to keep the integrity of the game. Some dont want the guys to let up…they think that tackling and roughness is part of the fun of watching football.

Carl Dukes and Jen
Carl Dukes and Jen

I’m no expert, but I chimed in. Then I answered some other random questions that Carl asked, like what time do I get up and what about makeup? I’ll be dropping in again, hopefully before the year is over. So, stay tuned to 97.5FM, 3pm-5pm.

Article regarding the debate:

Link to Carl Duke’s site:

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