Election 2008

How exciting!! I have never seen USA citizens as motivated, politically, as the past few months. Today, KPRC was exclusive in setting up a phone bank to help Houstonians with any last minute voting questions. Members from The League of Women Voters volunteered their time to answer the phones. Laura Blackburn, the President of the Houston Chapter and Lula Blake, the Vice President were both in attendance.

Here are a few snap shots of the action in Studio B.

Jen and Lula Blake, VP

Jen and Lula Blake, VP



We hope that you exercised your right to vote today. As you can see from a previous post, I voted early. But, I wish that I would have read the Voters Guide, provided by The League of Women Voters. It was an excellent summary of ALL of the candidates for various positions. The internet is a great tool, but this paper made it easier on people because of the fact that it was concise. I did a lot of flipping around from website to website…it took effort and patience. On the other hand, The Voters Guide provided pictures of those running for each office and a synopsis of their bio and experience within a few pages. Just what I needed! Next time, I’ll be sure to pick one up.  Here’s the link, online as well, in case you are interested.


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